11 Home Remedies for Scars You’re Sure to Love

Scars and ScarringScars may be effected from various skin wounds including burns, cuts or acne inflammation. Professional cures and many supermarket for scar removal are either expensive, not guaranteed to be powerful or demand lots of recovery time post process. However, there are lots of home remedies for scars you could do this can frequently function just as well.

1) Vitamin E
Vitamin E helps scars to disappear fast and reduces the look of scars. This is often obtained through internal daily supplements, the use of oil on the skin,  or you can use liquid from a Vitamin E capsule topically in the scar. You also have the option to utilize a vitamin E lotion, placed on the location twice per day. Rich food sources contain almonds, safflower oil, hazelnuts, and peanut butter.

2) Lemon Juice
Lemons contain citric acid that’s efficient for scar lightening. First, clean the skin with a gentle cleanser, dunk a cotton ball into lemon juice, then apply to the affected region. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

3) Aloe Vera
Among the numerous options for reducing scars, aloe vera is likely one of the very popular ones among most people. Advocates theorize that it helps to reduce inflammation and raises the elasticity of scar tissue because aloe vera has moisturizing properties. Studies show that applying aloe vera gel to scar tissue can decrease the size, as well as the look, of scars.

4) Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil is useful for removing scars because it doesn’t clog pores and loosens dead skin cells. Try massaging a dime-sized amount to your scars daily and allow them to dry. Place the oil in the affected area overnight and rinse in the morning. This will help to lighten the scar and soften your skin.

5) Cocoa Butter
A bit harder to come by than lemons, but in case you do manage to locate it, you’ll be happy that you did. Cocoa butter is an exceptional scar treatment and it might work wonders for you. It’s one of the finest natural moisturizers that I am aware of, and it operates by smoothing and softening the scar region to allow the natural healing process to carry on. Natural raw cocoa butter is highly regarded for this purpose.

6) Baking Soda
Baking soda is one of the very natural methods of microdermabrasion available to us. Mix 5 parts baking soda with 1 part water and stir until you form a paste. Massage this mixture onto scarred skin and allow the paste to dry for a minute. Rinse completely with warm water and duplicate this process 2-3 times each week.

7) Mustard Seed Oil
An ointment that is made up of 10% mustard seed oil, put on a scar 3 times per day for many weeks, is believed to assist in enhancing the look of the scar.

8) Lavender Oil
Lavender oil has rejuvenating features for the skin cells, and many claim it helps with every type of scar there is. Use it many times a day where your scar is.

9) Rose Hip Seed Oil
Mixing and applying 1oz of both rose hip seed oil and rose essential oils would help to enhance the look of the scar you are trying to get rid of. Keep the concoction in a glass bottle that is dark to maintain its effectiveness such as this option from Majestic Pure.

10) Massage
Massage can help soften scars. Studies demonstrate that pulsed electrotherapy considerably reduces the development of keloids and hypertrophic scars. By rolling and rubbing scars many times throughout the day you break down the scar tissue and help to make the scars look more faded.

11) Don’t Pick At It
Scarring is typically much more severe when people insist on picking at their scabs, cuts, and wounds. Avoid aesthetic or elective surgical procedures if possible, if you’re prone to forming thick scars. If an operation is needed, discuss your worry about any potential scars with whoever is going to be operating on you. A steroid known as triamcinolone acetonide can be injected into the incision to minimize the risk of any sort of  scarring. Still, this may impede healing of the skin, too.