9 Natural Remedies for Norovirus

Norovirus Natural RemedyYou may recall that several years back a ton of cruise liners were having lots and lots of people getting some type of serious gastrointestinal illness. That was Norovirus: an abrupt start, nausea, emesis, and diarrhea. Lately I’ve been hearing here and there of the Norovirus coming about again, and thought that it was the perfect time to write about some natural remedies you can use to fight this illness.

6 Herbs to Fight the Norovirus

Elderberry seems to really disarm this virus and inhibits its activity – thereby keeping such viruses from invading cells. What’s very intriguing is that elderberry can succeed against fighting off mutations at the same time. How it does that is as of yet unknown. I would encourage all to choose elderberry before getting sick as it works best when employed as a prevention method (though it still works after you’re already suffering from an illness, of course).

This herb is anti microbial and antiseptic and may also reduce your inflammation and help the elimination of toxins from your system.

When the first acute phase of diarrhea and vomit has passed I’d suggest applying the fennel herb. It’s soft heating activity will alleviate some nausea and cramping, and guide the digestion of meals once you began to re-introduce them.

This herb will help alleviate spasms and can cause an anti inflammatory activity to occur inside of your stomach. It’ll also help to reduce vomiting and allay nausea (what its most famous for). It is effective against many parasites, and that’s likely why it has been typically eaten with uncooked fish.

Peppermint will also help to ease nausea and vomiting, and cut back on spasmodic pain. Grown organically, it’s also a great supply of potassium and magnesium, minerals that will help to balance your pH and activate digestive enzymes. This herbaceous plant could function nicely as a replacement for chamomile for kids who might not be used to the flavor of chamomile, but are fairly acquainted with all the deliciousness of mint.

Slippery Elm
Slippery elm has effects a calming result to the liner of the belly, it supplies food for the good bacteria inside your body, and is of special use for kids with diarrhea. An incredibly nutritive herb that is therefore extremely valuable when recuperating from any bug that affects your stomach.

3 Actions to Take Against Norovirus

Keep hydrated; you might need an electrolyte beverage to keep up the mineral content in your body.

The BRAT Diet
Stick to the B.R.A.T. diet for one week. This is a pretty popular diet for a lot of health issues where you have a tender stomach, and is made up of bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. The norovirus can easily recur in the event that you don’t follow these nutritional rules, so try to keep with it as long as you can.

Good Hygiene
Follow excellent hygiene at your house so which you don’t end up sharing the Norovirus with any of the people you live with. It can be really tricky to manage a household when everyone gets ill in this way collectively.


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