A Healthier Mouth Leads to a Healthier Body

Healthy MouthOnly 44% of American adults get routine oral care. No wonder more and more folks with toothaches are going to emergency rooms throughout the nation. That figure increases with age. Only 50% of individuals 65 and older experienced dental treatment within the past year.

Gum disease is second only to the common cold as the most frequently diagnosed illness in developed nations. Pockets form between the teeth as gums swell with redness and trap bacteria and more plaque. Not making sure you get routine cleaning means more gum disease and for some individuals forecasts diabetes and cardiovascular disease. One apparent culprit is the sweet-tooth so common here in the U.S.

A high-carb diet is frequently the cause of the issue as “fermentable carbs” (sweets and high glycemic carbohydrates) begin breaking down in the mouth. Sugars (in candies, cakes, cookies, donuts, and sodas) and those fermentable carbohydrates reduce the acidity of bacterial plaque, which begins the path to tooth decay.

Having an irregular blood-sugar metabolism can result in many different difficulties that range from Alzheimer’s disease to pancreatic cancer. Sugar intake has been linked with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, weakened resistance to illness, cancer, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and much more.

Even though you might have a pearly white grin and pink, healthy looking gums, a massive disease may lurk beneath a crown or in the empty areas where you’ve had a tooth pulled. I understand this all-too-well from personal experience. These types of germs are concealed even to the finest dentists–and some infections don’t display on conventional X-rays.

Oil Pulling for Your Health

Oil pulling, a time-honored Ayurvedic method, works wonders for deep pockets in the gums that harbor plaque and bacteria that cause inflammation. Research published in 2007 in the Journal of Oral Health & Community Dentistry found this straightforward approach cuts plaque by 18%-30% and reduces gingivitis by 52%-60%!

The oil accumulates germs much the way a strong magnet attracts steel bits. The more time you spend pulling and pushing the oil around inside your mouth the more pathogens are removed. Take care not to consume any of the oil as it will have a bunch of bad stuff being pulled into it. If you want to spit it out, feel free to do so, but keep a minimum of two teaspoons inside your mouth for approximately 20 minutes. After that, you can spit it out.

You will notice the oil will probably be fairly foamy–a signal of pulled out pathogens. After you’re done rinse with a glass of plain water, or add a small bit of baking soda and salt to help clean everything off of your teeth.

Oil pulling is a tremendously advantageous process of detoxifying your whole body and cleaning one’s mouth. Make this simple act a part of your regular oral care and reap the benefits.

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