Beware of Parasites – They’re Everywhere


For example, all newborn pups are born having roundworm. And no less than half of puppies are afflicted with any number of parasites.

Raccoons frequently leave roundworms in the soil of public areas. Once within the soil, parasite eggs fast become infectious. Consider how frequently your kids place their hands in their mouths while playing outside. It’s so simple to consume a miniature–but contaminated– bit of soil.

Parasite eggs can hatch larvae once swallowed. They can go to almost any organ and the cardiovascular system. This is true even when larvae never develop to full-grown worms in individuals. After they’re inside, nematodes can cause stomach malady, enlarged liver, and anemia.

Affecting 1.5 million people each year, Toxoplasma is just another common parasite that’s distributed by cats. It is estimated that as much as 50% of American adults might be carrying this latent parasitic disease. Toxo is also the 3rd leading cause of foodborne illness from consuming raw or uncooked meat. Many people never associate their flu-like symptoms to what they ate the previous night. Toxoplasmosis is often associated with muscle pain and swollen lymph nodes, which can last longer than a month.

Giardia is a significant source of chronic fatigue, persistent diarrhea, and gall-bladder problems and is common in dirty water.

Another waterborne parasite, Cryptosporidium (characterized by diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, and low-grade fever) can kill in extreme situations. Crypto has lately been found in prohibited, shallow wells and seen in the thousands of Florida subdivisions as well as swimming pools.

Last, but certainly not least. Pork. Even when well-cooked pork can still contain parasites that infect your body. Many parasites are extremely resistant to temperature changes, and will commonly live through cooking and go on living inside you.

Dealing With a Parasite Problem

Begin reevaluating your routines should you guess that you might have parasites. Train your children to scrub their hands each time they come in from outside. Purchase a nailbrush to clean where parasitic cysts want to linger and wash underneath the nails.

Remember to wash your hands after touching an infant’s diaper or petting cats, dogs and other pets. Be particularly cautious in cleaning up your cat’s litter-box, another generator of toxoplasma, and see that pets receive standard veterinarian care. Always wash your hands thoroughly after touching the toilet and also before handling food.

Diet wise, prevent all sugar. Parasites love simple sugars and boom on milk–even the best natural goat milk. Also, reinforce your defenses with parasite fighting nutrients. Taking a supplement like black walnut helps to kill parasites that are within the body like no other supplement does. Lastly, gently raise your fiber consumption to make sure you’re eliminating properly.

You need to be sure to remove the eggs and larvae that are still waiting to be hatched in your body because different organisms have changing reproductive cycles. That’s the reason it is suggested to wait at least 60 days between performing any parasite cleanse.