health benefits of feverfew

Health Benefits of Feverfew

The health benefits of feverfew are many. It can be used in the prevention of headaches, migraines, arthritis, fevers, muscle stress and pain, to reduce blood pressure, decrease stomach irritation, arouse the appetite, and to … Read more

health benefits and side effects of goldenseal

Goldenseal Benefits and Side Effects

The root of this plant that grows very low to the ground is harvested in autumn as an essential antimicrobial agent. In fact, because the herb has so many health benefits the frequency of its … Read more

health benefits of Umckaloabo

Health Benefits of Umckaloabo

Umckaloabo is an herbal extract which has been proven to perform well against influenza, sinusitis, tonsillitis, and colds, not to mention ear infections that are resistant to antibiotics. It is indicated to have both antibiotic … Read more

health benefits of alfalfa

The Numerous Health Benefits of Alfalfa

What is Alfalfa? The Alfalfa plant raises minerals deep in the earth that aren’t accessible at first glance since it sends its roots deep down into the dirt (20-30 ft). Alfalfa is rich in nutrients, … Read more

health benefits of tulsi plant

The Health Benefits of Tulsi

The Tulsi plant (also sometimes called Tulasi) has lots of importance for humanity because of the manifold of medicinal advantages it offers. Tulsi leaves are extensively employed in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines. In addition … Read more