health benefits of Valerian root

Health Benefits of Valerian Root

The use and health benefits of valerian root go back hundreds of years, back to during the 2nd century, but how it’s utilized has changed considerably with time. Easing stomach cramps was one of the … Read more

health benefits and side effects of white willow

White Willow Benefits and Side Effects

White Willow (also known as Salix Alba in Latin), also called weeping willow, has been celebrated for its pain and inflammation alleviating abilities for hundreds of years. Salicin is contained within the white willow tree’s … Read more

health benefits of yerba santa

Health Benefits of Yerba Santa

Yerba santa has a lengthy history of being used medicinally, and was initially used by Native Americans. Spanish settlers named the plant yerba santa due to its medicinal qualities. The leaves of the plant can … Read more

health benefits of black walnuts

Health Benefits of Black Walnuts

The black walnut is particularly well-known for its medicinal properties, even though the advantages of walnuts are several. This walnut is an essential ingredient of conventional medications. The Romans frequently called it the ‘Imperial Nut’, … Read more