Coconut Oil for Alzheimers?

Coconut Oil for Alzheimers
Coconut oil was once looked at as an artery-clogging food that needs to be avoided no matter what. But lately people are finally starting to understand that it has vast wellness benefits. However, can it be that it is actually a viable treatment option for dealing with Alzheimer’s or is this merely wishful thinking?

Why use Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s?

You might wonder why Dr. Newport (the Doctor who started this whole idea of using coconut oil to help fight off Alzheimer’s) made a decision to attempt feeding her spouse coconut oil at all. As a neo-natal doctor, she knew all about medium-chain triglycerides as used for feeding infants. MCTs are distributed to premature babies as they are readily used by their bodies even before they’ve developed digestive enzymes. As a result of her history, Dr. Newport recognized how MCTs could provide electricity to the mind.

How MCTs Distinctively Feed the Mind

Usually, the brain’s primary fuel is glucose. Insulin enables glucose to go into the cells of the brain. For those instances when we can not get enough energy that we need from carbs, our bodies possess a backup system. What happens is the liver will start producing ketones which, when our bodies are starving, can be used for energy. It’s this exceptional quality that makes coconut oil a potential Alzheimer’s therapy.

Alzheimers – a Type of Diabetes?

Some investigators believe that Alzheimer’s disease is better defined as type-3 diabetes. The intake of excessive amounts of carbs over one’s lifespan could cause brain cells to becomes resistant to insulin, and as such are no longer capable of taking in the glucose they require. Finally, brain cells begin to perish as a result, thus leading to Alzheimer’s. Unless there’s another generator of brain mobile energy, that is. Such as…you guessed it, coconut oil!

Growing Recognition

Dr. Mary Newport publicized her narrative in hopes that it may help others and that the medical profession would become conscious of coconut oil as a potential Alzheimer’s therapy. The majority of the medical profession mostly believes her thoughts to be a lot of garbage, unfortunately.

On the other hand, you’ll find scientific researchers, physicians, and investigators working on using coconut oil, MCTs, and ketones to take care of Alzheimer’s. For example, presently the USF is running a clinical trial examining the advantages of coconut oil on individuals with light to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

The Main Point

In the event you or somebody you love has Alzheimer Disease, do not wait for coconut oil to become a “proven” and medically approved treatment. That’ll take years and can most likely be very late; too late for many.

Coconut oil is a healthful addition to any diet today that everyone can safely begin if you’d like to enhance your mental capacity or avoid a mental decrease later on. With 1 in 3 individuals in the USA now losing their lives with Alzheimer’s, it just is logical to take this simple, economical precaution.