Detox Your Body With a Healthy Coffee Enema!

Healthy Coffee Enema

So many people still adore java, and that’s unlikely to change. I know a lot of close friends who are extremely into healthy living who used to love it, that is until they realized how terrible it actually is for candida and the adrenals. Adrenal exhaustion can be worsened by drinking caffeine, but in enemas it supports antioxidant detoxification and stimulates bile circulation. An excessive amount of most things in life aren’t good for you, of course. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you try not to do more than one enema per week unless instructed otherwise by your primary health care provider.

In the event that you’re attempting to shed that last 15 pounds, parasites, or are just itching to do a general detox for improved health, try out a coffee enema. It can also help to get you back on a regular bathroom schedule if you’re having issues in that area.

The best kind of coffee to get for enemas is one which is free of poisonous materials, has high caffeine content, and is kept as whole beans so that they’re as fresh as possible. While there are a lot of variations on how to do a coffee enema, I’ll cover just the most basic kind below. It works fantastically well all by itself.

Bought your coffee beans? Ready to get started? Here’s what you do:

First, place about one-third of a cup of distilled or filtered water in a pot with about 1 tablespoon of freshly ground coffee beans (the lighter the roast the better it is for you). Bring this to a boil and allow it to simmer for about 12 minutes. After you take it away from the heat add one more cup of water.

Next, simply strain this through a coffee filter into an enema bucket and run the coffee through the tube to get all the air out. It should be ready to go after this. Make sure to check on the temperature before you use it, of course. It should be a nice, tepid temperature.