Ditch Canola Oil. Use Olive Oil for Better Health!

Olive Oil

Canola oil is very often promoted as a healthier choice to olive-oil. This is nothing but a bunch of lies. The only thing that canola oil and olive oil have in common is the fact that they both happen to be monounsaturated oils. Let’s begin by using one of the greatest things to have the name of oil: olive oil. Olive oil comes from olives. Processing olive oil goes like this:

Olives are picked, subsequently pressed, and bottled.

Canola oil? An extremely different tale. In the first place, there’s no such thing as a canola. Canola oil is an oil derived from the rapeseed plant, a member of the mustard family. This plant is genetically engineered in Canada. Thus the name, Canola.

Making up a nice name is just the start of the convoluted procedure for producing canola oil. To start, this plant (that has been genetically engineered, remember) is extracted through the use of chemical solvents and heated pressing. One such solvent used for this quite often is hexane. Touches of this solvent regularly stay within the oil despite the refining process. After refining and extraction, the oil is bleached, deodorized, and degummed at extreme heat. When you process oils with extreme heat it can transform the omega 3s in the oil, which in turn potentially alters the trans fat amounts.

The extraordinarily processed Canola oil is quite abundant, therefore it can be mass produced at a price substantially lower than olive oil. I really don’t have an issue with this as individuals should always be free to decide which oils to use. Personally, I consistently pick quality over quantity. What irks me is that Canola oil is promoted as being the same as if not healthier than olive oil. This is most definitely not the case.

The health benefits of olive oil are quite plentiful and have been recorded in numerous scientific studies.

Even the best health foods stores are starting to stock goods made mostly with Canola oil. The same commodities that were formerly made out of olive oil. It’s getting hard to locate a great salad dressing made with pure, cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil. Maybe it’s best to make your own delicious dressing at home.