Electrolytes are Vital for Your Health!


Most of us are sure to have heard many mentions of electrolytes in our lives – mainly in advertisements for trade goods. Maybe you’ve seen them as an ad for an athletics “replenishing” variety of beverage, or even on specific waters that have been improved with this significant part of hydration. The thing is, we all need electrolytes for our health. They’re not optional. But what are they?

Electrolytes Explained

Electrolytes are electrically energized ions that are made up of mineral salts. They are an utter necessity to preserve and carry on the functions of the human anatomy. Their existence lets our heart, our nervous system and other significant muscles, and the whole complex communication network in our body, to work correctly.

These miniature electrically energized ions are the conductors of the complex electric rhythms that keep our heart beating, our muscles working as they should, and our nerves conveying proper messages to the various regions of the human anatomy they control.

How We Lose and Regain Electrolytes

Profuse perspiration, whether from exercise or physical exertion or from just being in searing temperatures for extended periods of time, is among the ways we can become rapidly depleted of electrolytes. Along with this depletion comes faster dehydration since electrolytes are what let our bodies become and stay hydrated.

Electrolyte levels can be also dropped from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. This is due to the interference of our antidiuretic hormone, which becomes impaired when we have booze. Excessive urination depletes the body of hydrating water and chemicals right along with it; much too fast for them to be sufficiently replaced.

Juice Some Citrus

Citrus juices, particularly the juices of a lemon, are abundant in naturally occurring electrolytes. They have one of the most significant electrolyte salts, potassium. You may actually be familiar with this electrolyte since it is likely the most generally understood of them all, and it is a properly known fact that muscle cramping is caused by potassium depletion.

Keeping oranges on hand is a wonderful thought, too, as they are 1 of the electrolyte abundant citrus fruits accessible to us all. Eating the entire fruit is a wonderful means to replenish any depleted electrolyte minerals.

Delicious Coconut Water

This is another beverage that is a good option to have instead of the sugary, chemical-filled sports drinks out there. You may have seen this beverage in the hands of well-known celebrities and performers on their way to their workouts.

It includes high amounts of potassium and additionally includes some sodium electrolytes. It is low in calories and a lot of individuals love the fresh flavor.

Electrolyte Water

Pure, filtered water that is improved with added minerals is a superb method to get your daily dosage of electrolytes as well (assuming it is from a respectable, quality company). Simply drinking pure water that has been improved is also a great choice if you don’t need the additional flavors or additives in commonly found sports drinks.