Beware of Ephedra Side Effects

side effects of ephedra

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration prohibited Ephedra in 2004 over issues regarding acute safety dangers. The benefits of the herb are few and far between, and the outcomes of taking it can be dangerous and unpredictable, and the Ephedra side effects are many. Read all about them below.

Increased Blood Pressure
Ephedra works much like caffeine, exciting the body’s circulatory system and pulse. As a result, high blood pressure may be triggered by ephedra (hypertension). Additionally, the uncertainty of hypertension far outweighs any light weight loss advantages to the herb. Ephedra may interact with blood pressure, blood and cholesterol lowering drugs.

Negative Emotions
Negative emotional responses may be triggered by Ephedra.
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Ephedra can result in restlessness, irritability, and stress. Because of this, people with depression, stress, or other psychiatric disorders are advised not to use this. Ephedra too can result in sleep difficulties, for example, insomnia, which might affect your mental energy, wellness, and cognitive operation during the day. Since Ephedra has a stimulant effect, individuals with a susceptibility to caffeine or other stimulants shouldn’t take Ephedra. Sometimes, Ephedra leads to psychosis or reduction of contact with what is and is not real.

Headaches and Stress
Ephedra has been related to an elevated amount of headaches. These headaches could be the consequence of the herbal supplement itself or from an increase in blood pressure brought on by the supplement. Enough Ephedra can be delivered by these products to cause negative effects. According to MayoClinic, users can also experience nervousness, tremors, irritability, or hallucinations as a consequence of utilizing Ephedra.

Some folks experience negative stomach side effects with this herb. According to MayoClinic, these gastrointestinal problems can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, or lack of appetite.

Urinary Tract
Ephedra creates negative effects in the urinary tract which include kidney stones, difficulty urinating, and enlarged prostate, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medication. Increased urine production can result in dehydration which can exacerbate other underlying health conditions such as cardiovascular disorders.

Heart Attack, Stroke, Seizures and Death
The most serious complications of Ephedra include stroke, heart attack, seizures, and even death. Many of these fatalities resulted from heart attack or stroke prompted by the herb. Seek immediate medical attention if you’re taking an Ephedra supplement and experience increased heart rate, chest pain, physical numbness, or other possible symptoms of heart attack. Increased or long-term use of the supplement may raise your risk for serious side effects.

There are numerous supplements on the market these days that feature questionable ingredients, which might introduce risks. Unless your physician has approved or prescribed a drug including Ephedra, seek an alternative, safer means of managing your weight, health, and energy.