Heavily Refined Carbs: As Bad for Your Health as Cigarettes

Refined Carbs

It turns out that smoking a cigarette isn’t really the only real product that should come with a bunch of warnings. Refined carbohydrates can create just as much of an addiction and mess with your overall health every bit as much as cigarettes can. Such meals cause blood sugar to peak and thus affect the mind in a very similar way as tobacco, causing you to crave more.

Carbohydrates are, in addition to this, a mood-enhancer. These well-known comfort foods are notorious for causing your waistline to grow thicker, thus developing a plethora of other medical problems. Fat kept around the stomach could cause illnesses like diabetes, obesity, as well as heart troubles. Carbohydrates are addictive, and can affect one’s moods in very similar manners as medications or tobacco.

Obesity Rises

The evidence is starting to show that it is the refined carbs that we’re consuming so much of that need to be cut back on, not the fats. Cutting back on fat hasn’t reduced the pace at which obesity is rising, and folks are falling victim to diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease.

Simply by looking at the hazards linked with heart condition sets cholesterol as a good predictor of potential dangers. Findings imply that individuals who follow a low carb diet have the most saturated fat, however they wind up with the most wholesome ratio of HDL to LDL-cholesterol, and typically drop twice as much weight as those going through low-fat food programs.

The important thing is that eating low GI carbohydrates are a great thing to be doing. The one’s that cause you problems are the ones that are digested rapidly and leave you starving for more. In truth, diets that preach the hazards of carbohydrates without specifying certain kinds are exceptionally suspicious. The correct carbs give the body much-needed energy for the metabolic process. It is important to know the difference.