Honey and Cinnamon for Colds

Honey and Cinnamon for ColdsA combination of honey and cinnamon for colds has a history of being used for generations! The concoction is frequently known and used by many natural health practitioners as a way of dealing with colds swiftly. It’s been demonstrated to decrease how long a cold can last by at least 2 times, and in addition it lowers the seriousness of any symptoms.

Why Honey and Cinnamon Works for Colds
Honey has antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties. Many reports prove that it’s successful at fighting numerous diseases that come from within and without. Cinnamon can be valuable as it includes anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, and anti-oxidant properties. Cinnamon and honey are strong immune boosters! This remedy can be used by you to not simply lower the harshness of your cold, but in addition it can prevent potential colds or alternative viruses. These two elements make an excellent healing mixture when they’re combined, and are easily one of the best cold remedies available today.

What Sort of Cinnamon and Honey Should I Use?
The vast majority of the honey that you see on shelves isn’t actually pure honey and is exceptionally processed. Because of this, it’s advisable to simply use all-natural raw honey that’s unpasteurized. Raw honey includes the most nutritional elements making it more capable of preventing viruses and fostering the immune system. You might have the ability to uncover this kind of honey locally, including in a farmer’s market. However, you can also get it from various online shops. It’s also advantageous to make use of Ceylon cinnamon in comparison to Cassia cinnamon, as it more densely filled with nutrients.

How to Mix Honey and Cinnamon
Use 1 tsp of raw, natural honey mixed together with 1/4 tsp of cinnamon.

First, combine the cinnamon and honey. Take it twice a day for several days when you sense a cold starting to hit. Personally, I’ll mix up a little bowl full of honey and cinnamon and scoop it into hot beverages or dunk fruit into it all day long. I find that with young kids it’s easy to simply handle the entire family with this straightforward yummy treatment upon the first indication of a sniffle from anyone.

Honey and Cinnamon Tea

Use 1 tsp of raw, natural honey mixed together with 1/4 tsp of cinnamon, 1 cup of water, and 1/2 a squeezed lemon.

First, bring the water to a light boil, remove it from heat and pour it into a glass. Next add the honey, cinnamon, lemon, and stir. Drink this tea 2 times a day for a few days, minimum.

Lastly, if you like you can simply take the above mixture and spread it on a piece of bread or toast. Delicious!

Additional Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon
A lot of natural health practitioners still recommend the therapeutic properties of both honey and cinnamon. Honey possesses natural antibacterial properties, as stated above. When it is poured on lesions or burns it encourages healing and prevents illness. Routine ingestion of cinnamon and honey collectively, when united with an overall healthful diet and moderate exercise, can prevent heart condition by clearing clogged arteries.

For many, taking this mixture on a regular basis can also alleviate, and in some instances wholly treat, the sufferings of arthritis. Applying a paste of honey and cinnamon to contaminated gums can slow the progression of infections as well as relieve any painful bleeding.

Cinnamon and honey can relieve digestion, helping to prevent gas, when mixed and consumed. Cinnamon and honey additionally supply one with energy, making individuals more emotionally alert and prepared for physical action.