Jamaican Dogwood Tea: Health Benefits and Side Effects

health benefits of Jamaican Dogwood

The Jamaican dogwood is a tree that is seen in North America, however it’s indigenous to the West Indies. It’s a big tree, growing up to 40 feet tall. Traditionally, the Jamaican dogwood benefits include being useful for nerve pain, migraines, and sleeplessness, based on the University of Maryland Clinic. Since it’s a potentially poisonous herb and has the ability to trigger certain kinds of side effects, consult your physician before you decide to try taking this herb.

Most people haven’t recommended Jamaican dogwood as a general rule, although it’s been employed historically to handle nerve pain, based on the UMMC. It’s been utilized throughout many parts of Central America to poison fish. It has a material called rotenone that has been employed as an insecticide, although it is thought to be non-toxic to people, according to the UMMC. Should you decide to consider taking Jamaican dogwood despite the possible risks, make sure that you do so only after you consult with your primary health care provider.

Nerve Pain
If you have discomfort along the pathway of any particular nerve, it is referred to as nerve pain. It’s usually felt within exactly the same place every time. You might experience a sharp, stabbing pain, burning feeling, or throbbing pain that is possibly off and on or even continuous. Researchers found the pain-relieving results of Jamaican dogwood to date back to 1844 or even earlier, based on the UMMC.

health benefits of Jamaican Dogwood tea

Jamaican Dogwood Tea
Jamaican Dogwood Tea is famous for the sedative and relaxing qualities that it can provide. It’s theoretically been utilized for hundreds of years dating back to the early Mayans because of its ability to relieve certain types of pain, not to mention its perspiration promoting characteristics. In addition to the locations mentioned at the beginning of this article, Jamaican dogwood can be seen growing in West India, Central America, and South America.

Making Jamaican Dogwood Tea
In order to make good Jamaican Dogwood Tea you’ve got a few easy measures to follow. Just add one teaspoon of dried Jamaican dogwood into water that is boiling. Allow the combination to steep for roughly five to seven minutes and next, making use of a strainer, pour the tea into your cup. If you need to you can add some honey to truly enrich the taste of this tea.

Precautions and Potential Side Effects
Jamaican dogwood can be hazardous. Toxicity signs contain numbness, tremors and sweating. Make sure that you seek out immediate medical attention if you have toxicity signs after using Jamaican dogwood. Jamaican dogwood can be found in supplements that have other herbs (a combination herbal supplement). Use extreme care when attempting to combine this with other herbs. You should completely avoid Jamaican dogwood if you happen to be pregnant or nursing. Kids shouldn’t use Jamaican dogwood. Jamaican dogwood may trigger any number of other side effects that aren’t known to us as the herb lacks quality research studies for the time being.