Determine Proper Kava Extract Dosage

Kava Extract Dosage

In the event that you haven’t used kava before but desire to test it out for its relaxing and anxiolytic effects, you might be seeking out a kava extract dosage. The fact remains that kavalactones (the active ingredient in the herb) can act in your body in various ways at various doses. It is that factor that makes kava such a great herb that is useful in such a variety of ways. In the post below I’ll be outlining the proper dosage to assist you in making an educated choice about your own kava ingestion.

Ensuring Proper Kava Extract Dosage

Find a Good Product
Search for a standardized kava root extract in liquid or pill form that comprises has between 30% – 70% kavalactones, which is what gives kava its helpful properties. Standardized items will list the exact quantity of plant material they comprise per dosage. Goods that aren’t standardized may generate little or no impact on your body.

Take It Throughout the Day
Consider taking between 150-300mg of kava root extract as much as 3 times a day to help with nervousness and stress.

Determine if It’s Working for You
Carry on using the herb for at least a month before determining if it is working for you. This is because oftentimes it might take this long to get any results. If you see no results after a month, consider meeting with a doctor before trying to increase how much you’re taking, as using an excessive amount of kava might result in serious unwanted side effects.

Take Breaks
Have a 14-day rest period after taking kava for 90 days straight. This will ensure that your body doesn’t become used to the kava benefits by building up a tolerance for the herb. If you want you can start using the herb every day again following this interval of 14 days. If taken as directed, provided that you discontinue use for 2 weeks once every 3 months, kava is typically safe to take.

Things to Keep in Mind

While kava is generally considered safe because of its long use over the years, it’s significant to notice that kava may interact harmfully if mixed with alcohol or if mixed with certain prescriptions that interact with the body’s nervous system like antidepressants and sleep aids. You always need to ask a doctor before using kava, either medicinally or recreationally, if you happen to be on any of these types of medications.

Other than the preceding guidelines, your personal tolerance and your body’s makeup will change the kava dosage you must end up taking for positive results. This is along the same lines of how certain individuals have differing tolerances for any sorts of drugs or alcohol. The easiest way to find your perfect dosage will begin with taking a smaller quantity and raising that as time passes when you become more comfortable with the effects it creates for you.