Love Chocolate? Buy the Right Kind and Be Healthy!

Healthy ChocolateDuring the last ten years or so there has been quite a bit of investigation as far as researching the advantages of chocolate. It seems that in modest quantities dark chocolate can actually belong to a wholesome diet! A lot of the recent research into chocolate is on how it affects the circulatory system. The compounds accountable for all these gains would be the polyphenols, which are often found in those crops that give us a defense against disease and UV-DAMAGE.

Where its From
Chocolate is from the legumes of the Cocoa tree, the seeds within the cocoa pods that develop in Africa, in the southern parts of the USA, and Indonesia. The legumes are fermented to make the chocolate flavor and dried to form solids to market as chocolate.

What Makes it Healthy
When we consume foods that have polyphenols, they act as antioxidants, shielding your polypeptides, fats, and DNA from oxidative injury. Oxidative tension plays a function in senescence and studies have shown that degenerative diseases are increased by it. Several studies demonstrate that chocolate ingestion raises HDL cholesterol, which is the kind that is good to have.

In the Panama-based Kuna Indians, cacao trees develop easily in the wild and they utilize the fresh fruit of the trees as a staple within their diet on a daily basis. Those researching these people from Harvard Medical discovered that high blood pressure is nonexistent with the Kuna Indians. How? The normal Kuna consumes 5 cups of hot chocolate (all fresh and natural) a day, and that isn’t even counting the cocoa they include with their food!

Not all Chocolate is Good for Us
The dreadful news is that lots of chocolate goods available on the market are laden with milk, sugar, and fat. Even worse are the artificial flavors, trans-fat oils, and also other additives to expand the life of these goods. Once you add each of the products to the chocolate you’re left with very little real portions of cocoa; therefore your gains from eating those chocolates are reduced, often to the point where they’re bad for you!

To actually see the gains of chocolate you should select only dark chocolate that has an increased portion of cocoa in its ingredients, which suggests less fat and sugar. Studies reveal you’ll be able to eat as much as 41 grams of dark chocolate a day without worrying about weight gain. Just try to find chocolate that contains at least 70% cacao and enjoy!