Probiotic Fecal Pills Being Developed

Fecal Pills(From and Clostridium difficile is a bacterium frequently found in people’s stomach. Clostridium difficile often takes over the digestive tract, resulting in a diarrhea-causing disease that kills 14,000 Americans annually.

Now, scientists from Canada have created a brand new treatment to deal with C. difficile infections: tablets produced from feces. The tablets are triple layered capsules that contain healthy microbes pulled from the feces of patients’ family members.

The scientists analyzed their “poop tablets” on 27 patients who had to take up to 34 of the tablets in a quarter-hour, and they discovered the experimental treatment to get a 100% rate of success.

As quoted by NBC, one of the scientists involved by the name of Dr. Thomas Louie said, “There’s no smell. There’s no taste. …It looks like peanut butter.”

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