That Delectable Vitamin C


Vitamin C

So often, we overlook the fundamentals which are essential and even more effective while very new-fangled herbs and nutraceuticals seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Vitamin C decided to pop into my mind yesterday after I was requested by a customer to do a simple mercury detox for them. Well, there’s actually no such thing, but when you need to make sure that your mercury is kept at bay, you should remove all seafood (yes, even your precious Atlantic salmon) for 8 weeks at least, and raise Vitamin C during that time. Vitamin C functions like a precursor to glutathione – the most important liver antioxidant which mops up compounds, pesticides, heavy metals (like mercury, lead, and arsenic) as well as awful free radicals.

A buddy of my stepdaughter’s was just identified with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and the outcomes from his battery of assessments just arrived: acute mercury poisoning. Nearly every MS individual I see has a higher level of mercury hidden in the tissues. Mercury is unrestrained in the NorthWest because of the mining methods here. That, and copper.

I recently find out about the job of the Vitamin C innovator who was helpful with the Vitamin C innovators known as Linus Pauling and Frederick Klenner. His name is Doctor Edward Neith and he founded the Mary Practice in New Orleans. A long time ago, Doctor Neith was diagnosed with cancer of the colon and he used megadoses of Vitamin C to heal himself. Lots of this was taken by him intravenously daily with other nutritional elements. No malignancy was discovered after this and he’s still cancer free now.

I am reminded by this of the narrative of James Templeton, the creator of Uni Key who was diagnosed with Stage Four Melanoma. Among the treatments, he utilized was 20 grams of Vitamin C daily.

You cannot have actual wellness in this time that we live in without some aid from our alimentary friends. So that the arteries are powerful, versatile, and remain youthful it’s crucial for good collagen to have vitamin C. Each time you smoke you use 200 mg of Vitamin C. That’s the main reason that so many smokers are so wrinkled looking; they have misplaced their collagen-building C vitamin. This is among probably the most essential microorganisms and virus killers, too. Linus Pauling used to suggest 5-10 grams for the typical person every day.

I believe an advantage of C is the pH. We have to keep the gut and intestines pH level somewhat acidic so germs, microorganisms, and parasites will be “kicked” out as the atmosphere is absolutely inhospitable for their well-being. Vitamin C even functions for getting rid of constipation.

Back again to New Orleans…The Mary Practice was utilizing tons of Vitamin C to battle the mold coverage that resulted in the floods and extreme quantities of water. The “Katrina cough” was uncontrolled and the Practice used Vitamin C to eliminate it!

With the water and snow where I reside in the Inland Northwest, I believe I will begin adding back into my diet a minimum of 10 grams of Vitamin C daily.