The Connection Between Fat Storage and Your Organ Health

How Fat Storage Affects Organ Health

This morning I found myself waking up thinking about…fat. Excess fat, to be precise.

I am studying about something new – which I believe you’re gonna love – and evidently there’s some fascinating study that links fat storage to hormone and glandular function.

Years ago, I investigated the ayurvedic method of body typing based on Doctor Abravanel’s work. For instance, should you happen to be two sizes larger on the underside compared to the top, there’s a fat metabolism difficulty. Pituitary dysfunction is thought to be the culprit if you’re constructed like a pencil. Crave carbs? Then, thyroid help could be your solution. Have skinny legs, but seem to have a lot of weight in the midsection? Your adrenals need some work.

The newest program I’ve been investigating is a little different, but enlightening and rather fascinating. Let us see if this resonates with you.

If you find that a lot of your extra fat is around your calves or knees, then you might have an issue with your liver that needs to be fixed. Large calves are one indication that you might not be getting enough quality sleep. (Getting to bed by 10 is critical because you make fat burning growth hormones by 2 a.m. if you’re asleep).

Have a lot of fat around the hips? That additional fat that is padding your hip bones might mean that you are still sneaking in far too many carbs and need to keep the sweets under control. This is especially true late at night.

Extra tummy fat might imply you just have to deal with the anxiety in your life. The body is producing too much cortisol – that fat promoting hormone produced by pressure of sorts (too much of different types of stress like worry or work).

Extra fat on the ribs and back can often mean that there is a thyroid imbalance, and possibly an inability to properly metabolize carbohydrates. I actually think that the body is a mirror of your mental and physiology well-being. Where are you keeping your fat? What should you let go of in your life to get healthy? Can you think of anything in particular?