The FDA Borders on Scientific Misconduct. Scientists are Condemning Them


(from Mother Jones) In case you’re among many that are perplexed with a current report put out from the FDA which promised that “BPA is relatively safe as presently used,” then you’re not alone. Several scientific researchers state that the study perhaps not only was deceptive, but additionally “edges on scientific misconduct.”

One main issue together with the study is the laboratory where the investigation rats were placed was contaminated, therefore all the critters were subjected to bisphenol a (BPA). Yes, this includes the control group, which wasn’t supposed to be subjected to BPA for the test. The United States Food and Drug Administration maintained that this didn’t impact the results, but were determined to conceal that detail towards the end of the paper. This paper likewise omitted vital info, such as some stunning effects found in the same group of critters.

If those in the control group are contaminated then your experiment has failed, and any information should be discarded. That’s what Gail S. Prins, a professor of physiology at the University of Illinois, stated.  “I’m baffled that any journal would even publish this.”

“The way in which the United States Food and Drug Administration presented its findings is indeed disingenuous,” stated one scientist who operates closely with the FDA. “It borders on scientific misconduct.”

Professor Prins is working with a project known as CLARITY-BPA, which is seeking to find proper methods of determining the effects BPA has on our bodies. “The United States Food and Drug Administration is actually preempting our findings,” he stated. “Right now, individuals are being advised that BPA is innocuous. As the info from the CLARITY project is released slowly during the next couple of years, the people will simply be perplexed.”