The Health Benefits of Dandelion Root

Health Benefits of Dandelion RootTo some, the dandelion is a bothersome weed. Yet, dandelion root is applied in conventional herbal medication and has been for centuries. After analyzing the properties of this in-depth, contemporary science indicates that its root could have major advantages that will help you to stay healthy and illness-free.

The health benefits of dandelion root are often employed to deal with skin problems, kidney issues, indigestion, and more. In oriental medicine, it is normally suggested for digestive troubles and to enhance milk production in breastfeeding women. European herbalists use dandelion for people with fevers, diarrhea, and diabetes. Dandelion includes several biologically active components which make it helpful for the wellness of most individuals.

Helps with Gastrointestinal Issues
The UMMC notes that dandelion root functions as a digestive support, as a gentle laxative, encourages digestion, and can boost the use of the GI tract’s normal bacteria. Additionally, it is popular for its use in boosting one’s desire to eat.

Dandelion roots include anti-inflammatory materials, based on the Medline Plus database, which mentions research with lab animals. The research indicates that the standard utilization of dandelion to deal with rheumatism might be warranted, though there have been no human studies reproducing the outcomes as of May 2010.

Helps the Kidneys
Clinical studies have indicated that the herb is a powerful diuretic that increases urine output from the kidneys. Investigators discovered that dandelion root caused an important escalation in urine output when compared to the output of the days without taking dandelion root. The UMMC has stated that raising one’s urine generation may help rid your system of unneeded fluids, reduce hypertension, and help with liver issues.

The Liver
Dandelion root is noted by the National Institutes Of Health to be advantageous to liver wellness. They say that people who have hepatitis B were revealed to have progress within their liver function after consuming an herbal mix that contained dandelion root. The one downside to the analysis, they maintain, is that dandelion root was contained with other plants, therefore the impact of dandelion root by itself with regards to the liver isn’t entirely understood. The University of Maryland Medical Center additionally states that dandelion root is valuable to liver wellness.

Anti-Cancer Properties
Some lab research also indicates that compounds in dandelion root may have anti-cancer properties. While all these are promising outcomes from lab research, verification in big clinical trials with human participants is still needed.

Nutritional Supplement
Dandelion leaves include vitamins A, Vitamin B, C and D. Dandelions also supply the body with trace minerals of elements including calcium, iron, potassium, silicon, and zinc.

Dandelion root can be obtained from health foods stores as a powder, in capsules, or as a fluid. Don’t take dandelion when you have gallbladder disease or gallstones, although it is usually considered very safe. A potential side effect of dandelion root is that it may lead to an allergy or moderate gastrointestinal issues in certain people. Discuss its use with your physician before making the decision of whether or not dandelion root could be ideal for you.