The Health Benefits of Tulsi

health benefits of tulsi plant

The Tulsi plant (also sometimes called Tulasi) has lots of importance for humanity because of the manifold of medicinal advantages it offers. Tulsi leaves are extensively employed in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines. In addition to the many health benefits of Tulsi, it is thought to boost the longevity of our existence. The extracts in the plant are commonly introduced for treating numerous illnesses like inflammation, cold, malaria, heart disease, headaches, gut problems, kidney stones, heart problems, and a lot more. Having this plant around also helps with purifying the air around you.

Helps Against Bugs and Malaria

The Tulsi plant functions as a fantastic repellant in battling against mosquitoes, flies, and bugs. It is especially useful in combating malaria fever. It is said that during the institution of the Victoria gardens in Bombay (now Mumbai), the employees experienced chronic malaria due to frequent mosquito bites. Viewing the situation of the employees, a number of the Hindu managers suggested the plantation of Tulsi plants in the backyard. On following their guidance, profitable results were received. Thus, Tulsi helped to stem the increase of mosquitoes and malaria.

There are many ways that the Tulsi plant can be utilized. The plant is increasingly finding its way in the Ayurvedic therapy of illnesses. Tulsi leaves are extensively used because of their healing energy. It’s a tonic for the nervous system and consequently, aids a good deal in sharpening the memory. This fragrant plant supports the elimination of phlegm matter in the bronchial tube. It also works wonders in avoiding stomach disorders. The herb Tulsi is identified to heal respiratory problems. This can be prepared by mixing honey, ginger and Tulsi leaves, and can be very useful in combating influenza, bronchitis and asthma.

Helps During the Rainy Season

The Tulsi plant’s leaves are very valuable during times of extremely wet weather, such as when illnesses such as malaria and dengue are rampant across the nation. Boil the leaves of the plant to make tea and present it to the individual in need. As a fever reducer, the juice extracted from the leaves of the Tulsi plant is thought to be one of the best natural remedies you can find. Tulsi is also an important ingredient in numerous Ayurvedic cough syrups. It’s extremely helpful in eliminating influenza and colds. The leaves of this plant are even great for soothing a sore throat. Just make the tea as already mentioned, and have the person with a sore throat gargle with it first.

Keeping Our Heart and Kidneys Healthy

Tulsi has the power to strengthen our kidneys. For if taken regularly for 6 months straight it has the possibility to remove things like kidney stones through the urinary tract. You can prepare this in the same way as above: by making tea from the Tulsi leaves and mixing it with honey. For keeping a healthy heart, Tulsi is of extreme worth. It aids in decreasing the amount of cholesterol that is kept within our body’s blood. Hence, the Tulsi plant functions as one of the most powerful treatments to fight cardiac disorders.

Helps With Headaches

The herb’s pain relieving and decongestant qualities help alleviate the pain and solve the main cause of certain headaches. For this make tea from the leaves and allow it to cool. Place a little towel inside the tea once it has cooled off a bit (though not completely, we want it nice and warm), wring out the extra water, and place this over your brow to help with a headache.

Reduces Anxiety

The plant’s leaves have strong adaptogen properties (also called anti-anxiety agents). These regulate blood flow, helps soothe nerves and beat free radicals which can be created throughout an episode of anxiety.

Can Help Diabetics

Collectively these materials aid the pancreatic beta cells (cells that release and store insulin) with being able to function correctly. This consequently helps raise susceptibility to insulin. Thus, it decreases one’s blood glucose and helps diabetes.

Helps Those Trying to Stop Smoking

Tulsi is known to possess extremely powerful anti- anxiety compounds (mentioned above) which makes it excellent to assist one in being able to stop smoking. It can help by decreasing the stress which may be part of the attempt to stop smoking, or stress that causes the impulse to smoke. In addition, it cools the throat much like drops made from menthol and aids with controlling the impulse to smoke by being able to chew on something. Keep some leaves from this herb on you for whenever the impulse to smoke shows up, and then chew on them. Another plus is that the leaves can help combat all the harm that occurs out of years of smoking.