The Top 5 Anti Aging Tips from Our Asian Friends

Anti Aging Tips Asian
Its no secret that most people who have some sort of Asian nationality in their blood look more youthful than most. Recently I sat down with a few friends of mine who happen to be of Asian descent. They told me that the key to staying slender and aging gracefully lies in the Asian diet and lifestyle. Below are the top 5 anti aging tips that they shared with me.

1) Consume a Ton of Green Tea (among other herbal teas)
Green tea is a power station as it pertains to wellness benefits. Known for having tons of antioxidants and metabolic process improving properties amongst a number of other wellness benefits – it’s vital for each and every person’s diet.

2) Move Your Body
In busy and urban cities like Hong-Kong, the superb efficient public transportation regularly surpasses driving a personal automobile. This translates into a lot more walking every day, which can be unquestionably a healthier custom to keep a person fit and healthy.

3) Don’t Lay Around in the Sun All Day
Many of them are extremely good about keeping their skin protected from the sunshine: they carry umbrellas and use hats with a UV shield on bright days. Though this can be a little more mindful than required for many, the lesson here is that keeping out of the sun and taking care of your skin is vital. The sunshine, attractive though it may be, is sadly a perpetrator to aging as well as skin cancer if steps aren’t taken. Therefore, slather on that sunblock (preferably an all natural kind) and keep yourself safe from the harmful rays of the sun!

4) Eat Less Dairy
Dairy is fairly minimal for the typical Asian diet. There are lots of reasons why we ought to dump the dairy. One of the most noticeable is the fact that milk changes a 100-pound calf into a 1000-pound cow.

5) Natural, Internal Based Medicine
While standard western medication typically supplies an immediate treatment with pharmaceutical medications, Chinese medication says that a person’s well-being must be enhanced internally. Rather than supplying drugs that’ll promptly hide the issue and eliminate the symptoms, they frequently choose long term internal fixing soups and herbal based medication. This attitude has an immense impact on their well-being, as they concentrate on what their bodies are telling them more frequently than most of us do!