The Top 5 Reasons You’re Sick

You Are Sick
These days we live in an age where illness is recognized as the standard. Allergic reactions, headaches, digestive ailments, inadequate sleep, insufficient amounts of energy, and pained muscles and joints are regarded as just a part of life, and perhaps not indicative of any grave sickness. How did this happen to us? Why do so few speak out about the causes of these things instead of just accepting them as the norm?

The Top 5 Reasons You’re Sick

1) Heavy Metals
You wouldn’t believe that large metals like arsenic, lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and nickel are actually a huge problem for folks throughout the entire world, but some really common customs and environmental aspects have uncovered long-term heavy metal vulnerabilities, which is a top underlying cause for many of our ailments today.

Heavy Metals Are Everywhere

– Mercury poisoning from dental amalgams and vaccinations
– Arsenic contaminants in conventionally raised chickens
– Home paint in houses constructed before 1978
– Aluminum in cookware and private care products
– Cadmium in many rice merchandises and manufacturing plants, together with smoke
– Different heavy metals in weedkillers and pesticides that wind up in our atmosphere, foods, and water

With metals this widespread in these resources and more, it is obvious that virtually all people are coping with this significant issue.

2) Antibiotics
Although antibiotics are credited with saving many lives, the fact is their overexploitation has additionally created a variety of digestive troubles which has caused several of the distressing symptoms we experience nowadays.

Antibiotics are extremely capable of wiping out bacteria that we don’t want (or they certainly were, before these “germs” became more immune from their over-use), and bacteria that we do want (good bacteria). Using antibiotics may rid you of the first issue, but has additionally set you up to have a weaker immune system and to have stomach issues, which should be your main way of dealing with unfriendly microorganisms down the road.

3) Malnourishment
Our soil is constantly being cultivated and treated with a large variety of chemicals, and much of our food supply has considerably fewer nutrients than it used to. This mixed with the fact that the majority of people’s foods are overly processed and almost devoid of useful nutrients, well…sickness is bound to happen.

4) Parasites
Parasites are everywhere. Most people have some inside their bodies and never realize it. One such parasite is toxoplasma, and it affects more than 1.5 million people each year. While toxoplasma is distributed by cats, pork is likely the largest cause of parasites in Americans today. Parasites steal your nutrients, weaken your immune system and can cause a myriad of health issues.

5) Xenoestrogens
Among the most frequent impurities we’ve got in our systems now are xenoestrogens, also referred to as man-produced estrogen-mimicking molecules. Xenoestrogens are seen in a lot of things but are most frequent in agricultural substances, the lining of canned goods, styrofoam goods, toiletries, cosmetics, and plastic containers.

Hormonal imbalances are caused by these chemicals, which leads straight to a number of issues, including:

– Lousy slumber
– Increased anxiety and worry
– Weight gain and weight loss
– Lousy libido
– Lousy focus

As a consequence of every one of these variables, we’ve become sluggish and turned to more and more drugs to deal with these issues, which in turn causes even more issues. It is a dangerous cycle. Are you prepared to continue this cycle, or will you dare be different and take action for your health and well-being?