Top 10 Home Remedies for Skin Tags

Top 10 Home Remedies for Skin Tags

Skin tags, usually not an issue, however, it’s equally true that they cause great suffering when they are located at difficult spots on one’s skin. They can also be a sign of another health issue that needs to be dealt with. Before you try removing your epidermis tags by yourself, though, be sure to get them assessed by your primary health care provider to exclude any chance of something more serious. If you’ve already decided to deal with your skin tags, listed below are the top 10 simple and quick treatments for skin tags you can do yourself.

First 5 Home Remedies for Skin Tags

1) Garlic Treatment
Garlic is an excellent treatment for taking away the skin tag with no outside hindrance or medicine. One needs to exercise care while using garlic for treatment, though.

Leave a thinly sliced piece of garlic on the skin tag and use medical tape (or regular tape, duct tape, etc if you’re in a pinch) to secure it to the skin tag. Let it stay there for a full day. Replicate this for 3-4 days, after which it should fall off. In the event it hasn’t fallen off after this, start the therapy again after a couple of days.

2) Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek, the herbaceous plant used for hundreds of years in Indian, Greek, Italian and Arabian medication, includes strong antioxidants, among other benefits. Chewing the seeds after they’ve been soaking in water overnight is a good way to take them. You can also drink the water that you soak them in.

3) Frankincense Essential Oil
It’s important to do a patch test with your skin to ensure no problematic reactions to frankincense. After you’ve done a patch test and have ensured that this essential oil doesn’t negatively affect your skin, apply it onto the tag daily for 1-2 months. If your skin is sensitive to the oil try diluting it first.

4) Castor Oil
Castor oil is a solid remedy for skin tags in the home. Use castor oil to form a heavy paste by mixing it with baking soda. Apply this combination to the skin tag. Replicate this 3 times a day, and keep it up for 2-3 weeks. The skin tag should shrivel up and fall off. This therapy could be continued for a longer period of time if the skin tag hasn’t fallen off.

5) Oregano Oil
Oregano oil has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimelanomic, anti-oxidative, antispasmodic, and antiseptic properties. Oregano oil typically helps deal with skin tags within about two to four weeks. Oftentimes, though, it requires as much as 2 months to deal with certain skin tags.

Last 5 Natural Treatments for Skin Tags

6) Tea Tree Oil
A powerful essential oil that’s quite acidic, tea tree oil is a normal antiseptic that safeguards skin following the elimination of the skin tag. Use tea tree oil right on the skin tag, but dilute it first if it causes any issues with your skin (such as itchiness or redness). Replicate this three times a day or more depending on how big the tag is. The oil penetrates the skin tag and with regular use the tag should fall off. Remember, ensure that you dilute the oil before use in the event that you have sensitive skin.

7) Black Walnut
Black walnut is recognized as an extremely powerful herb for assorted skin ailments including skin tags, moles, acne, impetigo, athlete’s foot, ringworm, warts, as well as eczema. For diseases of the skin, this herb is used both externally and internally. It works so well for skin tags because it helps to kill off fungus and parasites, among other things. Since skin tags and warts are often the results of parasites living in the body, black walnut works quite well for them.

8) Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar works great when utilized for getting a skin tag to drop off naturally. Use a cotton ball to apply directly on the skin tag several times a day. For best results, leave a soaked cotton ball on the skin tag and tape it in place (medical tape is preferred). Be sure not to use it near the eyes or on any anal skin tags.

9) Lemon Juice
The citric structure of a lemon can be quite a godsend when you make an effort to eliminate skin tags. After using lemon juice, do not step out in  the sunlight, as it could cause you to get something of an odd tan, and it isn’t good for your skin.

10) Baking Soda
A light exfoliant that aids in removing moles and skin tags, baking soda continues to have more and more uses that we don’t think of. Simply apply some to your skin tag and rub lightly. Do this a few times a day until the tag is gone. Make sure that your skin doesn’t become irritated by the baking soda, and if it does, stop using it. It will typically take about 2 weeks or so with frequent, daily use of baking soda for a skin tag to come off. Larger ones can take longer, though.