Top 12 Natural Home Remedies for the Flu

Home Remedy for the FluThe flu virus infects about 60 million individuals in America annually. Colds hit even more people and are the most infectious illness in America, and also the top reason children end up missing days of school. The flu and the cold actually share several typical symptoms, and may be medicated with comparable treatments. Natural home remedies for the flu, like most treatment options, are meant to help you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible, and they also aim to help you to cope with the symptoms you may be experiencing.

The influenza is a very infectious sickness, spread by droplets in the respiratory system of an afflicted individual. These droplets may be airborne, like those released following a sneeze or a cough, or they could be transferred via an afflicted set of hands.

For most people, the worst of the illness will continue for about 4 days, but others, including cough and tiredness, can linger for several weeks. If you end up with a secondary infection like an ear infection, sinus infection, or bronchitis, well things can go much, much worse. Even pneumonia may be a complication of the flu.

9 Herbs and Supplements for the Flu

Research has proven that echinacea may keep the immune system powerful and healthy, shielding it from entirely common pathogens such as the flu virus. Studies also imply that echinacea may be beneficial in not just killing viruses like specific forms of the flu, but also in impeding the growth of tumors.

Utilized for hundreds of years, elderberry has been described as an answer against all infirmities known to man. Additionally, it has lately been found to contain viburnic acid, a compound that supports sweat and helps in detoxifying human anatomy tissues.

Most of the components which compose the herb (leaves, stalks, berries, and blossoms) have a history of being utilized medicinally all throughout history. Israeli virologists have discovered that elderberry extract has been shown to be particularly effective when fighting the flu virus by blocking its replication quite efficiently. Elder is relatively safe for usage by kids and has various other wellness characteristics also.

To utilize this, at the very first symptom of influenza symptoms, have yourself a warm, homemade tea of elderberry tincture, yarrow, and peppermint before bed to cause perspiration and encourage a goodnight’s rest.

A strong anti-inflammatory, ginger has been extensively used for generations to assist in treating the cold, influenza, headaches, and all types of nausea and stomach pains.

The nature of the herb helps to generate perspiration and so helps to discharge pathogens. Ginger also helps enhance the resistance of weaker people who sweat with no alleviation of symptoms.

A wonderful herbal tea might be created for anyone attempting to recuperate from a cold or the flu by simmering a few cinnamon sticks and chopped fresh ginger in water for no less than 20 minutes. It may also be used as a high-dose nutritional supplement to help the defense mechanisms in killing the influenza virus and preventing the illness from ever occurring.

This herbaceous plant’s name of boneset was based on it is being able to break the horrible temperatures that often accompany the flu. These temperatures were so serious that they certainly were called a bone fever. American Indians also employed boneset for therapeutic broken bones, and to take care of body pains.

An excellent antiviral whose powerful, bitter flavor helps spark the digestion of toxins and dries up mucous, boneset has been said by several herbalists to be among the best options for the natural treatment of influenza. Boneset was usually used as a treatment for not just influenza and fevers, but additionally respiratory allergies, chills, rheumatism, bruises, damaged bones, and UTIs.

This organic antibacterial and anti fungal can assist kick virtually any sickness to the curb. The benefits of garlic are significantly less when its cooked, therefore it’s finest taken uncooked during times of illness. Strive for 1-2 cloves of quite finely minced garlic in an exceedingly little glass of plain water and consume it immediately in one single gulp. Alternatively, get high-quality garlic supplements and use as directed.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil might be used with meals, melted into hot tea, or consumed straight from the jar. It can help to strengthen one’s immune system if taken regularly.

Fermented Cod-Liver Oil
Elevated amounts of Omega 3s contained in fermented cod-liver oil help against inflammation while the naturally-occurring quantities of vitamins A and D assist in fostering immune health. During occasions of illness, it is possible to double the recommended daily dosage for additional immune support.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is touted by many in helping with a variety of illnesses. It is said to help the body to be more alkaline. Having your body be more alkaline helps to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Begin drinking it when the very first symptom of sickness shows up, and continue to do this many times a day while you show any signs of the flu.

Liquid Chlorophyll
Chlorophyll is additionally alkalinizing, which makes it problematic for viruses to live, and can be an excellent blood purifier which is full of nutrients. Just put a teaspoon in your drinking water all day long.

3 Actions to Take

Increase Fluid Intake
The individual who is sick should be drinking plenty of fluids to lessen body pains. Temperature spikes and mucus generation cause the entire body to utilize more fluids. When the fluids aren’t replaced, dehydration might occur and electrolyte degrees, including potassium, might fall. When potassium levels are just too low muscles could start to hurt. Drinking water may re-hydrate the physique and alleviate muscle pains and recover electrolyte degrees. Warm baths are very soothing and may help with muscle aching.

Nasal Wash
If you have sinus blockage, excessive mucous cannot empty, which may result in stuffiness, puffiness, and bacteria build-up. Doing a flush of your nasal passages can help to clear out all manner of bacteria and pollutants, which in turn will help you in your battle against infection.

Help Your Immune System
Those afflicted by the flu should get lots of rest. Slumber enables the entire body’s immune system to better fight disease. Zinc and many other supplements are typically more successful if taken inside the initial 24 hours after the start of symptoms, and will help you to get over your illness that much faster.

Flu Symptoms

Main Symptoms

When it’s 100 degrees or more, your temperature is recognized as being elevated.

Body pains which are unexplained and unexpected might be an indication of influenza.

Body chills without any chilly surroundings might be one indication.

Fatigue is a sense of exhaustion. This may be a symptom of the flu when it is linked with one or more symptoms.

Additional Symptoms

Sore throat
Puffiness in the throat makes it raw.

A head ache from the influenza may appear unexpectedly and come with body pains or nasal blockage.

Runny or Stuffy Nose
A runny or stuffy nose might occur, but is more prevalent in children than grown-ups.

Stomach Issues
These generally include nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. They’re more common in kids than grown-ups.

Chest Irritation or Cough
Chest soreness is usually intense when it comes to the flu.