Top 8 Andropause Natural Treatment Options

AndropauseA man’s hormone levels fall with age, although males don’t feel the dramatic hormonal changes that females do during menopause. Andropause describes the physical as well as mental changes that men encounter as their testosterone levels fall after middle-age. Symptoms of andropause include diminished libido, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, sleep issues, and trouble concentrating. Additionally, it may result in depression and moodiness, although it’s a very natural part of aging. While there are several andropause natural treatment options available, below we’ll be discussing the top 8 that have helped our readers.

6 Herbs to Help With Andropause

Gingko Biloba
Ginkgo is one of the earliest tree species known in the world, and its own distinguishing fan-shaped leaves have been used for thousands of years in an assortment of herbal preparations. Ginkgo seems to work by raising total circulation, which enhances blood circulation to the brain and scalp, helping slow male baldness. Ginkgo enhances memory and attention by improving blood circulation and application of glucose by mental performance. Affiliated side effects are raised bleeding, seizures, dyspepsia, dizziness and headaches. Before attempting to make use of gingko biloba, talk with your physician.

Yohimbe has a long history of being used for hundreds of years to treat erectile dysfunction. Side effects include lightheadedness, fast pulse, confusion, visual hallucinations, and nervousness. Check with your primary health care provider before attempting this treatment.

Valerian Root
Insomnia can also be caused by andropause. Discuss treatment options with your doctor in case your sleep difficulties are expected to be related to sleep apnea. Dehydrated valerian root, that has an unpleasant smell and a piquant flavor, can be utilized as an herbal treatment for general sleeplessness. Large doses of valerian root may cause headaches, irregular pulse, muscle spasms, and vertigo. Taking valerian root for a lengthy period of time may cause temporary confusion issues. Many herbalists advocate taking it for only 2 to 3 months at a time before taking a 2-4 week break. Check with your own physician before attempting to make use of this herb.

Horny Goat Weed
Horny goat weed dilates the arteries that supply the mind, along with one’s sexual organs, increasing circulation to such regions. Horny goat weed additionally stimulates the liver to make testosterone by raising the amounts of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Horny goat weed is utilized when treating memory lapse and focus difficulties since it also increases blood supply to mental performance. Check with your own physician before attempting to use this option.

Fennel is a vegetable most frequently used in Italian cooking. As an organic supplement, fennel is often utilized in the treatment of the specific symptoms of andropause. As with any natural supplement, one should talk about the benefits and drawbacks of using fennel to alleviate symptoms with their doctor.

Muira Puama
The roots and bark of this little tree native to the Brazilian rain-forest might be beneficial for males experiencing the symptoms of this illness. Based on naturopathic physician Chris Meletis, little research studies have analyzed muira puama for erectile dysfunction and low libido. Meletis writes that muira puama reveals promise as an andropause remedy, but that additional research is essential to ascertain more about its results. Use muira puama only after consulting with a competent health care professional.

Keeping a Healthy Diet

Guys who eat a healthy diet might manage to enhance their vitality, states the Mayo Clinic. A diet for men should contain vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean animal and plant based proteins, low-fat dairy foods, and heart-healthy fats. Healthy eating enhances one’s total quality of life.

Guys must also make sure to get foods full of zinc in their diets. Foods full of zinc include oysters, crab legs, cashews, and garbanzo beans.

Physical Activity

Regular physical exercise may improve the symptoms of andropause by improving attention, mood, and sleep, based on the Mayo Clinic. Regular physical exercise also enhances testosterone levels and muscle bulk. One published study demonstrated considerable increases in testosterone levels following the men exercised.

Potential Causes for Andropause

Testosterone levels slowly decrease throughout adulthood. Although individual testosterone levels differ among guys, by age 70, a guy’s private amount is reduced by 50%. Low testosterone levels may also be the effect of untreated health conditions like obstructive sleep apnea. A comprehensive medical assessment is highly advised to discern an analysis.

Symptoms of Andropause

A reduction in testosterone levels can result in a drop in fertility and sexual interest, less spontaneous erections, plus a shrinking of the testicles. Changes in sleep patterns and insomnia can happen. Low testosterone levels could be liable for increased body fat, decreased muscle volume and strength, and reduction of bone mineral density. Guys can experience reduced energy, hair loss, hot flashes, and bloated or painful breasts. Andropause may show up as a decline in motive or self-confidence, melancholy, and trouble concentrating and remembering information.