Top 8 Home Remedies for Dandruff

dandruff home remedies

Put off tossing away those dark suits of yours for the time being. After all, there’s a much better method to cope with dandruff. You might be able to completely get rid of your problem with these home remedies for dandruff, as a matter of fact.

Not everyone realizes this, but you and everyone else are always shedding skin cells that are dead from all over our bodies. It’s the skin’s natural means of rejuvenating itself. The old things just kind of flake away throughout the day and when you shower and clean yourself. You simply don’t spot the small skin cells dropping off your legs, your arms, and even your scalp.

Potential Cause of Dandruff

Scientists have found that dandruff happens when a specific fungus called Malassezia goes crazy all over your scalp. This microscopic fungus is a regular inhabitant on a wholesome human head that feeds off of the oils that are secreted by the hair follicles within the scalp. Occasionally, though, for reasons that are as yet still cloudy to us all, the fungus grows beyond what is normal, causing annoyance that really increases cell turnover on the scalp. A lot of dead cells are dropping off at the same time that, when they blend with the oil from the hair roots, they typically will form greasy clumps that are large enough to be plainly visible to us all. The oil also makes all of the clumps more prone to get caught in your hair (and in your shoulders), instead of the normal invisible floating away that they do.

By checking out the below home treatments, you’ll find a beneficial technique to eliminate these ugly flakes once and for all. Below are 8 of the best possible options you’ll find to rid yourself of dandruff.

natural dandruff remedies

The First 4 All-Natural Options

1) Try Using Green Gram Powder
A useful prescription for the elimination of dandruff is the usage of green gram powder. The hair should be cleaned twice per week with this powder (2 tbsp) mixed into 1/2 cup of curd.

2) Dandruff Treatment Using Snake Gourd
The juice found within snake gourd has been found advantageous in the treatment and prevention of dandruff. The juice will need to be massaged onto the scalp. This normal dandruff remedy may be combined with fresh beet juice to improve its usefulness.

3) Olive Oil
Additional virgin olive oil added to the scalp will keep your head “greased”, and this will keep your scalp from flaking and drying.

  • 3a) Olive Oil by Itself – What you want to do is warm up some extra virgin olive oil, not too hot, of course, we presume you don’t want to burn your scalp off. Use this on the scalp liberally, massaging it through the hair so that it gets rubbed into the scalp properly. It is a little greasy, we know, but try to stick it out to allow it to get rid of your flakes. Be sure to keep it in your hair for half an hour using a towel wrapped around the area. Then completely brush your hair using an all natural bristle hairbrush to clean it twice and have everything combed out.
  • 3b) Olive Oil Mixed With Almond Oil – You may also combine equal parts of almond and olive oil. Massage it about the scalp just as you would your conditioner. Keep it in for around ten minutes or so. Then rinse and clean to get everything out.
  • 3c) Shampoo made from organic olive oil – The easiest manner  would be to use a shampoo made from organic olive oil that you can purchase nearly everywhere. Don’t over do it because your hair can be over – conditioned by olive oil shampoo before long, so use another form every once in some time.

You’ll want to maintain these olive oil remedies until the issue is absolutely gone; this can take several days.

4) Rosemary Remedy
Combine the vinegar in oil of rosemary leaves (squeeze them). Use this home treatment for dandruff. You may also use a combination of coconut oil and rosemary oil massaged into the scalp to rid yourself of dandruff.

4 More Homemade Options

5) Use primrose oil, flaxseed oil, or salmon oil. They aid in the reduction of irritation and itching. Also, they help with keeping healthy skin and a healthy scalp in general.

6) Take kelp for your dandruff, it enhances the hair development and can help to heal the scalp.

7) As it enhances the circulation of the blood, consider E Vitamin, either as an oral supplement or massaged into your scalp.

8) Finally, try whipping up a paste with 8 tablespoons of pure natural peanut oil and half of a lemon squeezed out (lemon juice). Before you wash your hair rub this mixture onto your scalp. Be sure to leave it there for 10 minutes, then go ahead and shampoo as normal.

Dandruff can be avoided by washing your hair frequently or every other day. It will help one to rid themselves of dandruff. Pick an above remedy which you like and continue to use it to treat your scalp. I’m sure after you attempt using some of them you’ll find one that you love dearly.