Triglyceride Levels: What You Need to Know

Triglyceride LevelsMost people are aware of how cholesterol levels affect their health. However, not many know about another crucial blood fat: triglycerides. Doesn’t sound familiar? Having high triglyceride levels can be just as dangerous as having high cholesterol levels. For instance, if you’re a woman and you have high levels of triglycerides, even if your cholesterol levels are just fine, your risk for cardiovascular disease is higher than it otherwise would be.

High triglyceride levels are generally associated with metabolic syndrome/prediabetes. It is also found to sometimes be linked to pancreas inflammation. Elevated amounts of these fats could also indicate liver issues where fatty acids are badly broken down and used, as well as thyroid dysfunction.

1/3rd of American adults have triglycerides which are too high or are borderline. Much more significant happens to be the triglyceride/HDL cholesterol ratio (should be under 2).

What to Do About All This

There’s a good chance that you have high triglycerides if you have a roll of fat above your waist. Go out and get a blood test to be certain.

Before you do a blood test for triglycerides you will likely be told to go on a fast for at least 12 hours. You should also be constantly aware that using specific drugs and vitamin C, even before that 12hour fast, can throw-off your triglyceride level, leading to an erroneous reading.

Lowering Triglyceride Levels

Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, eating too many sweets, being obese, and not getting enough exercise can increase triglycerides. Cut back on fried foods, processed foods, and particularly, sweets. Even an excessive amount of fruit or juice can increase triglycerides in certain individuals.

Keep a Healthy Weight

Raise your metabolism by exercising regularly, and ensure that your diet contains loads of chromium, an essential trace mineral that boosts metabolism.

This important mineral makes insulin more powerful in regulating blood glucose and assists in being able to deal with Type-2 diabetes. Chromium supplements lower-body fat, reduce sugar cravings and boost muscle mass–all significant for folks watching their weight.