Try Using an Onion for Colds: You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Onion for ColdsOnions have been employed as a folk treatment for the typical cold, influenza, and cough. An onion includes nutrients to assist in fighting off illness, and when you use it as a tea it can give you a calming effect throughout your recuperation. Even though research doesn’t reveal conclusive outcomes for the valuable aftereffects of using an onion for colds, onions include materials that will increase your body’s defenses. Always check with your primary health care provider for medical advice should you be worried about your cold or other illness.

Natural Killer Cells
Onions include compounds which are similar to elements in over the counter cold medicine. These compounds dry congested nasal passages and help the body to avoid mucous accumulation. Add some horseradish and garlic, a plant with comparable medicinal attributes to onions, to get a nice boost in your fight against any cold or illness.

Boosting the Immune System
Onions include quercetin, which raises the  antioxidant action in the blood. You are protected by antioxidants against free radicals which cause cell damage and certain disorders. Onions additionally are abundant in vitamin C. Although vitamin C itself doesn’t prevent colds, the vitamin might shorten the whole period of the cold when taken right when it rears its ugly head, says the Mayo Clinic. Consuming fruits and vegetables, including onions, aids in reinforcing your body’s immune reaction.

Onions also include a compound known as allicin. Allicin has the capability to impede and kill many different microorganisms and viruses. Many people advocate eating a fresh, uncooked white onion within 4 hrs of the very first indications of a cold or influenza, as it’s far better at this early phase than once contamination has taken hold and propagated. Using an uncooked white onion may substantially lessen your body’s need for other cold remedies.

Making Some Onion Tea
Making onion tea is as easy as slicing an onion, boiling it, and consuming the juice to create a fast fix for the cold. Additionally, you can add honey and/or lemon to this or any other herb-based tea for a much better flavor.

Other ways of taking onions to help you with your cold include eating them raw, adding them to your diet in your foods, slicing them and placing them in your socks at night, and slicing and placing them next to your bed at night.

Dietary Recommendations
Onions should be a part of a well-balanced diet which should contain a lot of fruits, veggies, and grains to simply help fortify your own immune system if you have cold, influenza, or any other illness.