Use Cayenne Pepper for a Sore Throat and Feel Better!

Cayenne Pepper for a Sore Throat
Cayenne pepper has been used for food and medicinal functions, and this use dates back more than 9,000 years. Among the first cultures who proved the use of red pepper are the Native Americans, and a number of its own gains are supported by present and previous research. Due to the principal compound present in cayenne pepper, many people love using it anytime they get hit with a sore throat. Of course, it should be mentioned that, theoretically, the oils within the pepper block substance P, which is a peptide that carries pain signals to one’s brain.

Cayenne Pepper Active Ingredient
The principle active ingredient found in cayenne, and considered by those researching it to supply it with its medicinal gains, is a material called capsaicin. By depleting the performance of substance P, the body’s pain senses are briefly numbed. Other compounds within cayenne recognized to give medicinal advantages contain flavonoids (antioxidants), carotenoids, not to mention vitamins C and A.

Even though there are really no unique scientific studies done as of yet to ascertain the real value of cayenne for those suffering from a sore throat, the research done so far does indicate that cayenne can help decrease the seriousness of sore throat discomfort through it is being able to deplete substance P.

While cayenne pepper might help to reduce the discomfort of a sore throat, it is less likely to solve the reason for this symptom, which is likely bacteria or viruses. This having been said, it may be a successful symptom treatment; yet, you might want to consider taking other herbal treatments in addition to cayenne pepper to aid in getting rid of the trigger of your sore throat.

Recommended Dosage
Many herbalists suggest taking 1/2 a tsp of cayenne pepper mixed with hot water and 1 tsp of honey to help with a sore throat. This should help to reduce the pain involved.

Safety Concerns
Cayenne pepper is generally thought to be safe for consumption by adults. However, think twice before using it with any mouth or throat sores, or if you have ulcers as it can make you experience quite a bit of burning. Speak with your physician about combining this with any medicine you are taking.

Do not forget that while cayenne pepper does include antiviral qualities to assist you with recuperating from an illness, it’s primary purpose would be to alleviate painful sensations. If you have influenza-like signs, don’t forget to drink lots of fluids, relax, get plenty of vitamins, and keep on giving your body everything it needs to recover.