Use Garlic for the Flu and Feel Great!

Use Garlic for the FluMany people often remark that they experience way fewer sicknesses than before starting to use raw garlic for the flu. Oftentimes people will feel a truly large flu start coming on quickly, and thanks to a few cloves of garlic they’re able to halt the advance of the illness and feel better extremely fast. That’s not to say that it works every single time at the same speed, but it is definitely something that is worth your time.

Here’s how it works: Powerful-smelling foods like garlic can stink out illnesses thanks to the phytochemical known as allicin, which is an antimicrobial compound. A British study found that individuals taking allicin nutritional supplements endured 46 percent fewer colds and recovered quicker from the ones they did get. So begin cooking with it daily to reap garlic’s benefits – many urge two fresh cloves a day.

How to Use Garlic When Fighting the Flu
So, here’s one way you can take it. If you like you can take some little cloves and consume them uncut and whole if possible. Just be sure that you smash them a bit first so they do not come out totally undigested. Make sure the cloves are really little so there is no danger of choking. If you aren’t able to find cloves that are the right size, just chop the garlic into small bits and consume with water.

Combine finely chopped pieces with honey to make it more appealing for kids. Take with food if on a sensitive stomach.

There are many folks out there who take a clove of raw garlic once every few days as a preventative step. If coming down with something, though, try taking as many as 3 a day. Continue with one or 2 a day till you feel better. If taking supplements instead of raw garlic the quality is extremely important, as low quality supplements are much less likely to help you.

If you rest at the same time as all of this, of course, you’ll have the best outcomes. It can also be combined with other flu remedies for additional strength. Eating garlic and resting in the face of the flu will often keep it from reaching its full strength. So be sure to tuck yourself into bed if you can!

Things to Think About
Having large quantities of garlic can raise the danger of hemorrhage according to the UMMC. You should not take garlic to treat or prevent the flu if you are on blood thinners. It is best to consult with your physician, particularly if you are pregnant or nursing, before taking supplementary garlic.