Use Onions for the Flu


For awhile now I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the usage of onions for dealing with the flu. I’ve been requested to remark on this and write about how well this can actually work in my experience. Below is my response to those questions.

What generations of people’s grandmas have intuitively understood is presently being validated by everybody from contemporary scientists to naturopathic physicians. Onions might be able to defend against and alleviate symptoms of the usual influenza virus that we most often see. In line with the CDC, a very large amount of people living in America get the seasonal influenza virus annually, and so the straightforward approach of boiling onions right into a drinkable broth could be a great practice to go back to for our health.

Furthermore, the eruption of H1N1, which most know as swine flu, has triggered a lot of people to think about getting influenza vaccinations that, I think, will do more damage than good. Prevention is the most effective system here, and I hope this article will provide some insight into this historical technique of utilizing onions for dealing with the pains of the flu.

How Onions can Fight Off the Flu

The thought that onions might ward off disorder through their strong healing properties can be traced back hundreds of years. Historical Ayurvedic and Chinese medication revered onions due to their blockage-alleviating properties. Onions were rubbed by the Greeks on raw muscles, and were used by others to defend against frequent cold and influenza viruses. The truth is, the onion has even been identified by the World Health Organization for the capability to help alleviate flu symptoms including respiratory tract infections, congestion, coughs and bronchitis.

Some customs have even advocated setting chopped onions next to the bed during the nighttime, if not simply round the home, to simply help prevent anyone in the home from having the influenza virus. The hypothesis was that the uncooked onion would consume germs in-the-air, stopping them from going into the body.

Why Onions Work

Onions have some pretty significant health related uses. They contain large amounts of compounds like thiosulfinates and sulfoxides, among others. These compounds are why onions have such a pungent taste, and are what get you to weep when slicing them. Sulfuric compounds additionally play a part in helping against cancer as well as heart disease-prevention, and so work as an excellent immune-fostering food for general prevention of a variety of diseases.

Additionally, onions have exceptionally large amounts of the anti oxidant known as quercetin. Quercetin assists the body in fighting free radicals and helps to increase the immune system’s effectiveness.