Using Garlic for Colds

Garlic For ColdsGarlic is a strong antioxidant with antibiotic, antiviral, and disinfectant qualities. For colds and flu, it gives decongestant and expectorant effects.

While not one of the specific compounds within garlic are currently isolated by science as the one explanation for why using garlic for colds and the flu work so well, lots of enzymes,vitamin c, and important minerals like sulphur and selenium undoubtedly play an important part.

You have likely read tons of excellent info available about the health benefits of garlic. Nowadays most people typically see it in the form of garlic bread seen in the local freezer area. However, I’m hoping to help people to see that garlic can be an incredible boost to their health due to its many benefits!

Options for Taking Garlic

Many people would rather raise the garlic in their diets than to take a supplement. However, lots of people choose to take garlic supplements, and that is a viable option as long as you make sure to buy from a quality company. If you’re using it in its raw form, it’s best if you crush the garlic when it is at room temperature and then leave it sitting for 10-20 minutes to optimize the beneficial results.

Don’t Like Pills? More on How to Eat Garlic Raw

If you don’t want to take garlic supplements, and you don’t want to just chomp on garlic as it is, there are a few options you can try. Below are 3 of them.

Make some fresh salsa and be sure that you include at least one clove of garlic. You do not need to take it all at once, but attempt to eat it in a fair time frame to make sure the garlic is still potent.

Don’t like salsa? Another option is to mince up some raw garlic and add it to some honey. After letting it sit for a good while you can eat the honey-garlic by the spoonful.

Lastly, you can make some garlic oil by placing chopped up garlic into some oil and letting it sit for 20 minutes.You can place this oil on the underside of the feet at bedtime, and then put socks on over it. The compound that is within the oil will get into the body through your feet. This really is excellent for kids and anyone else who refuses to take garlic. This method is used by many families quite often.

Things to Know Before Taking Garlic

Garlic is thought to be safe for consumption by pretty much everyone that knows anything about it, however, there are some things to keep in mind before you take it. The more superficial stuff happens to be that it can cause bad breath, body odor (when taken excessively), and in some cases indigestion.

If you’re currently on any blood thinners or are taking anything that might cause blood thinning as a side effect, you should probably not start supplementing with garlic. This is because garlic itself can cause blood-thinning effects in the body. Garlic supplements must also be avoided before any surgery for this reason.

Why Garlic?

It is powerful, it is simple to utilize and is ridiculously affordable. You may use a number of other herbal treatments, of course, and receive some solid results. However, when it comes to cost, garlic is our hands down favorite. It is one of the most powerful herbs we have discovered and it functions extremely well. It tastes great, and also you’ll be receiving tons of other health benefits by taking it.