Using Neem Oil for Scabies

Hand With ScabiesNeem oil is often used when treating skin problem known as scabies, which is an infestation of a kind of miniature mites called Sarcoptes scabiei. Along the way of these mites digging into one’s skin they cause severe itching. Scabies is quite infectious and may propagate fast through families, schools, and other areas where direct physical contact is normal. Applying neem oil particularly for scabies is an age old remedy, powerful when used to soothe itching, and additionally helps to eliminate the scabies mite. To achieve the neem benefits, it may be added in one’s bath water, utilized right on the skin, or used as a paste after combining it with turmeric powder.

For Small Infestations

1) Pour some pure neem oil onto a clean cloth or gauze pad and put the oil immediately onto any small and localized scabies infestations.

2) Allow the oil to sit on the infected area of your skin for 15-20 minutes to help remove the mites and decrease the itching, swelling, and redness related to scabies.

3) Duplicate this entire process twice daily til you see that the entire infestation is completely gone.

For More Serious Infestations

2) Add the mixture into a warm bath and bathe completely for well-recognized or pervasive scabies infestations.

3) Soak within this bath for anywhere from 15-30 minutes. A neem-based lotion or cream may also be applied after washing for faster results.

4) Continue this therapy once daily and don’t stop before the infestation has fully solved. Repeat the procedure for any recurrences.

More About Scabies

Invisible to your naked eye, this tiny mite could be detected using a magnifier. The signals of scabies are superficial burrows within one’s skin and extreme itching in the areas that you see these burrows. In a few individuals the symptoms are really so acute that they’re not able to sleep during the night. Actually, people who have dealt with this skin problem are pretty much the only ones who understand how bad the itching from scabies mites can be.

While pretty much anyone can get infected with the scabies mite, the important thing that helps most people to avoid scabies is a good sense of hygiene. Therapeutic treatment for scabies includes recommending oral medications and applying external ointments. Nonetheless, in addition, there are scabies home remedies that are successful in helping to destroy the causal organism and take care of the signs of the mite. Using neem oil is definitely one of the top home remedies for dealing with this plaguing issue.