Want to Live a Long Life? Lose Some Weight!

Lose Weight HealthyAre you among the many people who wish to live a lengthy and healthy life? More and more research is showing that being a healthy weight is vital. This also means that losing weight in healthy way is extremely important.

Fat loss, especially the fat around the waist, can help to prevent cancer, diabetes, heart-attack, stroke, kidney failure, depression, and other withering kinds of chronic disease including Parkinson’s, MS, and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Because females are inclined to live longer, they’re more prone to suffer from a persistent illness or mental health difficulties.

“The ideal method to optimize the chance of healthy survival would be to keep up with at least average amounts of physical exercise and to maintain a healthy body weight throughout adulthood,” says researcher Qi Sun within the nutrition section at Harvard School of Public-health.

Reaching outbreak proportions in the America, obesity has been associated with lower cognitive function (decline of memory, focus, and other thinking skills). Actually, a Canadian study has found age to be less significant to brain function than fat.

Dealing With the Problem

From the beginning, healthy weight loss has been essential to my publications and my nourishment practice. Unfortunately, the medical profession has lost years making Americans worry about healthy fat. Rather, they promoted margarine (a prime generator of harmful trans-fat) and sugary, high glycemic foods as “fat-free.”

The truth is that specific healthy fats can help boost a person’s health and lead to losing weight in a healthy manner. By obeying this strategy, thousands of people have lost water weight and stomach fat. Whether you’re attempting to shed excess weight or keep a healthy weight, good, healthy fat can:

— Transport fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are crucial to well-being and longevity.
— Help slow the absorption of high glycemic foods, supporting cognitive function and balancing glucose levels.
— Help boost serotonin levels. Serotonin is a brain chemical that controls food cravings and fights depression.
— Preserve muscle building protein that is vital for physical action, encourages longevity, and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Each and every cell in your system is shielded by means of a membrane composed largely of fat. The human brain is 60% fat. Is it any wonder that mental health is supported by good fat, helping fight depression and concentrate attention at any given age?

All you require to start putting this into action is a few daily tablespoons of oil from fish, flaxseed, olive, macadamia nuts, sesame seeds, avocado, or coconut. Start doing it and see how having good, healthy fat can change your life.