Want Worms? Eat Some Sushi!

Eat Sushi Get WormsLiver fluke is a parasite that lives inside millions and is a major reason for issues with a person’s liver.Symptoms include right-top-quadrant abdominal pain because the liver becomes enlarged and soft.

Research at George Washington University demonstrates that this parasite creates hormones that result in uncontrolled cell growth–or cancer–in its human hosts. Common in fish and seafood, liver fluke eggs will also be handed down by cows and sheep.

These parasites can be spread by water from contaminated pastures to aquatic plants like watercress. Liver fluke is just one potential parasite in sushi. One news story reported a 9-foot tapeworm in a single sushi fan.

Fish tapeworm is generally considered the biggest parasite in individuals and is typically found in the Great Lakes, Canada, Alaska, areas of Europe and Asia, and Australia. Digestive problems are caused by this worm, and they include pain plus a sensation of fullness within the top part of the abdomen, feelings of nausea, and anorexia.

More on Parasites

Parasites are liable for a massive panorama of human health issues. Worms are extremely well equipped to get access to the body, where they’re able to replicate through exceptional life cycle procedures that evade our own defenses.

Raw-fish dishes–notably sushi and sashimi–have become more and more famous to this nation of ours. To prevent parasites in raw fish, select safe sushi dishes made out of avocado, cucumber, or cooked shrimp and crab.

Other research reports an instance in which a girl discovered worms squirming around in a uneaten little bit of fish she had cooked in her new microwave. Laboratory assessment revealed that these were anisakis worms.

Check the interior temperature of fish cooked in a microwave in various locations. Fish must reach an interior temperature of 140% Fahrenheit for five or more minutes. If you’re not a seasoned sushi chef don’t prepare raw fish in the home. Over 1 / 2 of all Americans will, at a certain time within their lives, have some form of parasites within their bodies.