Why Use Neem Oil for Dogs

Neem Oil for DogsMost dog owners only want the absolute best for their beloved pets. That is the reason why so many individuals are looking at all pure, organic remedies, food diets, and treatments to give their furry family members.

Neem oil has many, many advantages for not only people, but dogs also. Neem oil has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. It may be used in repelling and managing numerous intestinal parasites and bugs including mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and mange mites. Neem oil can also be utilized for an itchy and irritated epidermis.

It encourages a powerful immune system, wholesome skin, a glossy, trouble-free coat, and powerful healthy teeth; all the hints of a radiantly wholesome dog. Those who have attempted using neem oil for their dogs rave about the amazing and often immediate results that it has on the well-being of their pets.

Typically this oil is only ever discovered by people when fighting with an issue that no prescription drug has been able to get rid of. After such a struggle, many are surprised that a natural compound solves the issue, and often apparently overnight. It isn’t astonishing that everyday people rave about the incredible skills of neem oil.

It is a pity that it requires a serious issue for individuals to find out about neem. It’s also very sad that by then the poor pets have typically endured for weeks or months, and are often subjected to quite the selection of heavy duty drugs, which in themselves have had a substantial toll on the immune system as well as the overall wellness of the animal.

The standard utilization of a neem canine shampoo, and occasional supplementation of dog food with neem leaf could avoid many of these issues in the very first place.

Making Use of Neem oil for Dogs

To help protect any animal you can dab a bit of neem on the very tops of their heads, behind their ears, on their flanks as well as shoulders, and on their tails. During mosquito-heavy times, I’d suggest doing this every few days. Additionally, I’d give your pet one capsule of a high-quality neem nutritional supplement spread into their meals two times a week, to give them extra benefits from the inside out.

There is a plethora of other neem benefits, of course, including treating sunburns and all kinds of skin issues. A bottle of the oil is crucial for any first-aid kit.

Any beloved pet experiencing excessive peeling, itchy skin, or allergic reactions can have these issues improved tremendously from routine baths with neem shampoo, something that can be used on a daily basis.

Ways that Neem Oil Doesn’t Help Dogs

Neem is great against many inner parasites, but it’s not all that successful at getting rid of tapeworms. Neem is often not all that successful when used by dogs that may be affected by certain types of ticks. Specifically, the brown dog tick is apparently quite resistant to neem oil. That’s not to say neem won’t help against it, however, it won’t help as much as it would against other types of ticks.


3 thoughts on “Why Use Neem Oil for Dogs”

  1. I use 50 drops of Neem oil in a cup of coconut oil for an insect repellent along with 5 drops of lavendar on myself, but then my dog(s) like to lick my legs or feet . I am wondering if this could be hurtingt hem. ??? Please respond!

  2. You should have no reason to worry about your dogs being exposed to small amounts of Neem oil, Coconut oil, or Lavender. Many of these items are recommended for dogs to prevent many kinds of issues. Like anything, too much of something can be a bad thing. If your dogs intake a large amount of any of these items it could pose concerns. The only other thing to watch for is some kind of allergic reaction from the dog, which is rare.

    -The NAR Team

  3. Neem OIL might not be as good for internal use as neem leaf, bark and flower. There are many pet products with these ingredients as well as you can buy clean sources of the raw material yourself (I personally use Neem capsules internally(and my pups) from Organic India which includes all 3 previously mentioned plant matter. ) Neem oil is not the best for internal use as it can be toxic to the liver so if you are not an Ayurvedic practitioner you should not even bother. I have been using Neem in many forms for over 8 years now and had amazing results. If you do not have an article on the other neem materials you might consider. It might be more useful to people than this one. Thank you for bringing awareness to neem in general however. I realize this is a bit dated article so perhaps you have written something since then.

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