Women Experiencing a Decrease in Sex Drive

Sex DriveThis post might get a little bit personal for some people, but it’s a topic that many people grow more and more concerned with.

Are you among the many women who’s sexual drive happens to be decreasing or is just plain gone? If that’s the case, then you certainly aren’t the only one. Recent research indicates that more than 40% of females that are between the ages of 18 and 59 have problems with some female sexual dysfunction. The culprit is a dearth of interest or hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). The majority of the research within the field of sexual dysfunction to date has been focused on erectile dysfunction, specifically. A recent study shows that women struggle with this due to how their brain responds.

Never Heard of This?

You likely haven’t heard much about female sexual dysfunction since the majority of the media interest is on guys, chiefly on their impotence problems. The main reason for this is straightforward – there were a lot of erectile dysfunctions going on in the world.

Now, though, we’re beginning to learn more about female sexual dysfunction. As many professionals consider these difficulties under-diagnosed, under-reported, and untreated, medical aid is currently focusing on these issues to see how to solve them.

Studying the Brain

Research in the College of Medicine along with the Stanford Hospital compared the brain activation patterns of females with and without HSDD. These participants were shown many different pictures including sports events, sexual, and tranquil scenes. Their arousal levels were reported by the women. When they monitored brain activity, the only differences were in the areas of the brain dictating emotional responses and attention to mental states of being.This implies that females with HSDD might be suppressing their particular response to sensual stimuli.

What can cause sexual dysfunction? Illnesses like cardiovascular illness, diabetes, nerve disorders, and hormone imbalances are most frequent. Also, things like drugs, pressure, anxiety, and depression can affect function and desire. Cultural and spiritual beliefs become involved too. And on occasion the brain won’t let the essential relaxation needed to occur.

What to Do About This

With all medical issues, the key is an excellent food regime, exercise, and proper supplementation. It comprises numerous synergistic homeopathic elements that assist one with being able to reach orgasm when dopamine levels are deficient. The outcomes of switching over to this healthier living tend to happen very quickly, based on what is commonly expressed by husbands.