All About Gluten Allergies

We hear a lot about gluten and gluten-intolerance – that when certain people ditch the oats, barley, rye and wheat, several weeks later they start to feel extremely better (after its all out of their system). But just what is gluten intolerance or gluten allergies, how can they occur?

The extremely overused wheat includes hard to digest polypeptides, also known as glutens. You require salt – and on account of the popularized thought that you ought to prevent the use of salt, there are lots of people who will have troubles making the appropriately needed acid, and so, they have issues with breaking down polypeptides. Additionally, all manner of allergic reactions can appear as a result of undigested foods particles that enter the bloodstream, and so are treated as invaders from our immune systems. So, without enough salt you can not make enough gastric acid, which means that you can’t break down polypeptides, and more specifically, you can’t break down proteins found in wheat.

Then, these proteins that you haven’t digested will go into your intestines and turn into something dangerous (since it’s hard to digest whole proteins). The walls of our intestines have miniature villi that deliver nutrients to the blood stream after they are absorbed.¬†Unfortunately, when proteins that haven’t been digested enter the intestines these villi will become swollen to prevent the absorption of these proteins, much in the same way they react to poison.

This can end up scarring certain areas of our intestinal wall, which makes it less likely to properly consume nutrients. The entire power to properly process nutrients is thus reduced, thereby starving our bodies, irrespective of whether dietary supplements are being taken or not. Additionally, it causes cracks in the guts, resulting in leaky gut syndrome, and potentially IBS.

The undigested wheat proteins (glutens) additionally might be transferred to infants via breastfeeding, which can cause the same issues with their intestinal wall. Additional gluten damage in kids may cause rashes or asthma, resulting from the inability to consume nutrients, particularly essential fatty acids and good cholesterol (an important nutrient).

Well, the good thing is that our body has the capability to fix itself. Going totally gluten free, and utilizing probiotics, can help to fix your intestinal issues, improve your ability to absorb and process nutrients, and remove chronic diseases which are due to a lack of nutrients.