Beware of Belladonna Side Effects

belladonna side effects

Not everything in nature is good for us. Belladonna is a plant with one of the highest toxic levels discovered in the western hemisphere. Ingestion of just five to ten berries by an adult and less than five belladonna berries by kids can be deadly. Moreover, ingestion of a single leaf of the plant could be deadly to an adult. The plant’s root is generally regarded as the most hazardous part, but this could change from one specimen to another. Despite the toxic nature of the plant, there are many medical uses and applications. Anyone thinking about making use of belladonna should be conscious of the negative side effects of the plant. Below we list some of the more common belladonna side effects.

It is crucial for anyone using a belladonna as a supplement to be well aware of these potential issues. Among the negative side effects of belladonna, allergic reaction remains a high threat. Belladonna users may experience an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face and trouble breathing. If such responses develop in anyone using the herb, they should discontinue taking belladonna immediately and seek medical attention.

1) Sleepiness
It is really important because this herb can cause drowsiness, that belladonna users ought to avoid using heavy machinery. Users of belladonna should become knowledgeable of the specific side effects due to belladonna. Anyone using the herb also should stay out of the heat because the herb can cause a reduction in sweating.

2) Increased Heart Rate
As mentioned above belladonna can speed up the heart rate, making belladonna dangerous for those with heart problems.

3) Rash
People who take belladonna occasionally develop a rash or experience flushing.

4) Eye Pain
Eye pain is reported by some persons who take belladonna.

5) Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Complications
Maternity and breastfeeding: Belladonna comprises potentially hazardous compounds and has been associated with reports of significant side effects. Belladonna is, in addition, UNSAFE during breastfeeding. It can also pass into breast milk and reduce milk production. Completely avoid the herb if pregnant.

6) Down Syndrome
Individuals with Down Syndrome may be extra sensitive to the possibly hazardous compounds in the herbs damaging effects.

7) Stomach Ulcers
Belladonna might make belly ulcers worse.

8) Gastrointestinal Tract Problems
Belladonna might impede emptying of the intestine, causing retention of viruses and germs that could cause disease.

9) Narrow Angle Glaucoma
Belladonna might make narrow angle glaucoma worse.

10) Ulcerative Colitis
Belladonna might boost complications of ulcerative colitis.

11) Trouble Urinating
Belladonna might make this worse if you already have any issues with going to the bathroom.

This isn’t a whole and complete listing of side effects which may happen. Call your doctor for medical advice about any other potential issues with using this herb.