Ditch Artificial Sweeteners and Ditch Diabetes and Cancer


It almost seems like too great of a thing to actually be able to trust the words, doesn’t it? Investigators at the College of Rhode Island have found that certain substances in maple syrup can actually help to boost the release of insulin and raise the way that fat cells react to that insulin. This essentially reduces one’s risk for diabetes.

Maple syrup (the 100% pure stuff) actually contains thirteen different types of antioxidants, and could be even better at slowing down cancerous cells than popular power foods like broccoli and blueberries. There have been other studies showing that stevia can also help in the battle against cancer and diabetes, not to mention how it can help to lower one’s blood pressure.

How sweet and delicious this ends up being for us. Its always great to read about natural ways of sweetening our food that taste amazing and are actually good for our health.

Remember, just be sure to get the concentrated good stuff, which you might want to dilute with one to two oz of water prior to using if its too much for you. This organic sweetener can be an important boost to your anti oxidant defenses, gives a substantial dose of manganese, plus zinc, which like manganese can aid your body’s defense mechanisms.

I suggest making the switch to this to anybody who needs to drop some weight, combat diabetes, or deal with parasites and candidiasis because stevia includes no calories. Stevia does not increase insulin amounts in the manner other sweeteners do, despite being considerably sweeter than sugar.