Eat More Raw Foods. Your Body Will Thank You!

Raw Food Diet
Visualize for a minute a source so packed with essential energy that when ingested by the body over time, it provides the human brain and body with a state of wellness and vitality that’s almost unnatural. For people who do raw foods correctly, this isn’t all that different from reality.

The transition over to having large amounts of raw food that you are ingesting is the onset of this strong fuel supply that will change one’s thoughts, body, as well as how they view the world. A lot of the men and women in the industrially produced modern planet aren’t capable of comprehending how an individual can only just eat uncooked foods. No boiling, no roasting, no sautéing, no baking, no barbecuing, and no microwaving. To some, this simply seems silly. All things considered, Western civilization has been prospering in most of those regions of cooking.

The huge deal with cooking meals in these manners is that it kills the meal’s living essence or life force and, it’s the foods life force that provides the person with what we call…you guessed it: nutrients.

Cooked Processed Food Ruins Wellness and Kills Nutrients
The nutritional worth for most meals is significantly less, and even completely destroyed, when they are warmed up past 105-118 degrees. The majority of processed food items, industrially handled meats and meals, fast foods, microwavable meals, canned goods, powdered meal products, commercially-made juices, sports beverages, and vitamins have very little actual vitamins and minerals whatsoever (again, this is most, not all).

This is a result of the truth that commercial foods are extracted from their uncooked state and-or are bleached, chlorinated, warmed/burnt, filtered, pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized, chemically-treated and colored, genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides, radiated, and then canned, packaged and sent for human intake. All the while folks get sicker and the companies that do these exact things to our food supply get richer.

Start Small First
Starting small is best for most people. Start by making sure that 1/3 of all the food you’re eating is uncooked, all raw food. Sit down and think about which veggies, fruits, nuts, and grains you enjoy eating raw and make sure you have plenty of them to snack on. Don’t limit yourself with these; eat your fill.

If you want to be more serious and hardcore about raw foods, attempt going 10 days where you only eat uncooked food, where all you consume for those 10 days is pure, uncooked foods. Your system will undergo a cleansing procedure where you expel all the terrible gunk which is caked up inside the intestine from poor foods, meats, and beverages. Make certain to drink a lot of water in the act to ensure that everything gets flushed out. Some people undergo a curative crisis (where you feel sick while detoxing) when they do these types of cleanses. Be prepared.