Eight Interesting Bitter Gourd Benefits

health benefits of bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is a tropical fruit loaded with minerals and vitamins, and can be bought in big grocery stores and specialty markets. The gourd is recognized by many names, including bitter cucumber, bitter melon, and bitter apple. Regardless of what it is called, something that is agreed upon is the fact that there are several bitter gourd benefits.

1) Blood Purification
It has blood purifying properties. As a supplement, the juice can be utilized in curing blood disorders like blood boils and itching due to septicemia. Have it little by little on an empty stomach daily and in roughly 5 months, you will experience relief.

2) Piles
The fresh juice of bitter gourd is great for patients suffering from piles. A paste that is made of the roots of the bitter gourd plant may also be employed to obtain a good outcome.

3) Fights Cancer
Diet can play a significant part in the prevention and therapy of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Researchers at the University of Hawaii, reporting in the June 2010 issue of “Pharmaceutical Research,” say that bitter gourd may halt the development of cancer cells and actually start cancer cell death. Bitter gourd effects discern between healthy cells and cancer cells, as they leave normal cells intact.

4) Helps Fight Diabetes
One-of the very often studied health benefits of bitter gourd is its effectiveness in lowering blood sugar. High blood sugar contributes to diabetes, which in turn may cause heart disease, hypertension, blindness, high cholesterol, and stroke. Trigonella foenum-graecum seed powder, or fenugreek herb, was also found in the study and is noted to have antidiabetic advantages too.

5) Fights Obesity
Bitter gourd can help combat the battle of the bulge, whether you’ve got a little to drop or a lot. Obesity and weight gain may result in serious health consequences, for example, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. In the June 29, 2010 “BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine” issue investigators report that when analyzed on human fat cells, bitter gourd juice demonstrated the capability to stimulate the dislocation of fat cells and prevent new fat cells from forming. Investigators conclude that bitter gourd should be viewed as an alternative remedy for obesity treatment.

6) Fights High Cholesterol
High cholesterol is a main risk factor for heart attack, heart disease, and stroke. LDL builds up on arterial walls and may cause blockages and hardening of the arteries. You can increase your HDL levels through nutrition and exercise, and research shows that bitter gourd is a dietary component which will help increase those HDL levels.

7) Makes Your Skin Healthy
Bitter gourd is also effective in treating skin diseases or skin infections, eczema, and psoriasis. Additionally, it aids in keeping your skin free of blemishes and keeps your skin glowing. The blood purifying properties make sure you do not get acne.

8) Immune Booster
A glass of bitter gourd juice each day will help reinforce your immune system and improve the body’s fighting power against disease.

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Bitter Gourd Side Effects
Bitter gourd may be made up of substances like morodicine and quinine, resins and saponic glycosides, which might be intolerable by some folks. The toxicity can be reduced significantly by parboiling or soaking in brine for approximately 10 minutes. Toxicity symptoms can include excessive salivation, facial redness, dimness of vision, belly discomfort, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle weakness.