Happy Childhood Leads to Happy Adult Life

Happy Childhood

It seems like science fiction, but it is actually a scientific reality. Being pleased in our youth results in a healthier adult lifestyle. This is something that researchers discovered not too long ago. They discovered when children regularly experience traumatic events that the small protective caps of our chromosomes will shorten prematurely. Experts have discovered that long telomeres are connected with energy and health while short types are generally found in seniors or chronically ill individuals. Telomeres somehow report the accumulative effect of various lifestyle elements in our wellness. One thing is for certain: they are delicate to oxidative stress, even though the way they do this isn’t obvious to us. It is well-known that emotional pressure tends to expose our cells in debilitating free radicals.

Think again, if this seems too exaggerated. Physicians from the University of Utah have discovered that even if the expectant mom is experiencing constant anxiety, the physiological reactions, and maternal hormonal effects are not only perceived, but are actually recorded by the fetal DNA. The study discovered that when girls experienced an intensely negative encounter during pregnancy, their adult offspring had shorter telomeres, compared with persons whose mom had a relaxed pregnancy. Just like in certain instances, an adult disorder is programmed in the fetal DNA. Psychiatric research now shows us that having terrible events in our childhood affects our brain’s construction and in reality, the more severe the amount of abuse, the more apparent neurobiological abnormalities are detected, particularly in susceptible subjects.

There are many more studies that have found that children who observed or experienced domestic violence not only tend to encounter more melancholy, decreased cognitive skills and stress, but also have detectable structural variations in the part of visual stimuli that are processed by the brain. This might possibly affect brain functions, for example, figure recognition, object naming, and the conscious notion of visible motion, all modalities that are managed by the afflicted brain structure. Safeguarding the mental stability of the child is of extreme importance at all times.