Health Benefits of Valerian Root

health benefits of Valerian root

The use and health benefits of valerian root go back hundreds of years, back to during the 2nd century, but how it’s utilized has changed considerably with time. Easing stomach cramps was one of the earliest uses, even though it is no longer found to be used in this regard today because it is unsuccessful. When taken as directed in either capsule or tea form, valerian root is generally thought to be safe, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Nevertheless, you should consult a capable doctor before making use of valerian root to enhance your health.

This herb is most commonly used to treat sleeplessness and sleep problems. As it decreases the harmful effects of pressure from stress on a person’s body, it can also be an effective therapy for nervousness. This herb has been studied widely. It has fewer side effects and is safer than a prescription, although it might not be as powerful as certain prescription sleep medications. It also doesn’t create any sort of mental grogginess that you mind find in prescription drugs.

Besides helping with being able to rest, it will enhance the quality of rest, assisting one to feel more properly rested each morning. Valerian root is regarded by many individuals as the most effective natural insomnia therapy that you can find.

There are energetic compounds found in this root that may increase gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) within the brain. This is exactly what causes us to be able to fall asleep easier and remain sleeping for longer periods of time. Valerian root minimizes the time it will take to sleep, lengthens the rest period, and decreases restlessness while asleep.

Reducing Anxiety

Supplements that contain valerian are occasionally suggested as a natural therapy for individuals struggling with anxiety. The possible advantage in this respect seems to be linked to compounds in the plant that bind to specific receptors in the mind, based on the health program at the College of Michigan. Nevertheless, despite this result, studies into its usefulness in managing stress haven’t been well-designed, and more study is required to completely comprehend this result. Stress can be considered a significant mental disease. Always consult a physician before making use of valerian to help with your anxiety.

Valerian root is greatest taken before bedtime. It doesn’t perform in the same way as a prescription sleep aid does. As the effects of the root slowly grow over time, it ought to be consumed only at night when it’s close to bedtime.

Side Effects 

Drowsiness and/or not being able to stay attentive are the most typical of the negative side effects. Because this root assists with insomnia, any sort of drowsiness will make it dangerous for driving, using heavy equipment, or any other activity that requires any sort of alert behavior.

When using valerian in bigger doses one could experience excitability, dizziness, restlessness, blurry eyesight, and nausea other possible side effects. These are typically only experienced after large doses of the root have been consumed – quite often when it is mixed with alcohol, which isn’t something you should be doing in the first place.

Don’t use this (or any other aid for sleep) for longer than 2 weeks at a time. Your body shouldn’t get accustomed to having to take something to get to sleep – you should be helping the body in its understanding of how to sleep at the proper times. Nevertheless, using an all natural item to assist is preferable when compared to using artificial, over-the-counter medicines to chemically change your body’s state.

Valerian Root can be found in capsule, powder, extract oil, and raw chopped.