Is Carrageenan in Your Organic Food?

(from Cornucopia) You might be amazed to discover that carrageenan, a controversial food additive that’s been linked in animal studies to gastrointestinal difficulties and colon cancer, is often an ingredient in many “organic” food items.

The Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 demands that nonagricultural ingredients be determined safe for human health before being put into organic foods, and national organic standards require that non-organic ingredients be necessary for the production of the food in order for them to be utilized. So many food producers use better options than carrageenan within their products, and there’s not really a reason for it to be permitted in organic foods.

The NOSB is supposed to examine nonorganic and man-made materials utilized in farming and natural food every five years according to the Sunset process. This procedure determines if continued utilization of substances threatens human health or the environment, and when there’s a possible organic option.

Carrageenan was initially approved by the NOSB in the middle of the 90s, but that was based on inaccurate info from scientists with ties to the industry. Last year carrageenan’s review came up again, but nothing was done yet again. You can read more about carrageenan at and learn more about why you should ensure that it stays out of your diet.