Keep Your Heart Healthy

Nutrients for Heart Health

American Heart Month is coming with the month of February.

Several years ago, I asked one of my favorite cardiologists (a most amazing guy who epitomizes the perfect mixture of a classically trained M.D. and an “educated” holistic doctor) to show the most essential nutrients that are most crucial for complete heart safety and that supply the metabolic increase the old ticker desires on a regular basis.

Doctor Minosa did not hesitate when he disclosed his “Awesome Foursome” nutrient information, recommendations that I’d want to give it to all of you with aged parents, family members, and other various loved ones in need.

The first one he talked about was CoQ10. If somebody is on statin medications like Lipitor this nutrient is especially important. Statins are commonly suggested to reduce inflammation as well as to aid people with calcium deposits in their arteries. It may be a life-saver for those diabetics who also have cardiovascular disease.

The second of the “Awesome Foursome” is the one and only…magnesium. The suggestion here is 400 — 800 mg daily. Magnesium really relaxes the heart muscle as well as the arteries and any muscle for that matter. Magnesium is included with biochemical processes within the whole physique (350 or so to be precise) which is a useful liver co-factor within the detoxification process. Magnesium is fantastic for almost everything including being extremely helpful in relaxing the body and helping you go to sleep.

After CoQ10 and magnesium comes L-carnitine. The complete dosage advice is 2 – 3 grams daily spread out during the day. L-Carnitine is a fat burner (it is an ingredient in the Weight Reduction Method) and helps CoQ10 in a number of ways. Power generation goes south when both end up being deficient. This is particularly felt within one’s heart, a muscle which needs the most power of all.

The last one is Ribose, which is an important “carb” or “sugar” which has helped angina more than any other nutritional supplement, I understand. The suggestion is 5 grams 3 times daily. His breathlessness vanished – practically instantly – after I gave this to my Father. There are numerous accessible resources about the industry, but the Corvalen brand is the main one I love best.

Lastly, do remember that fat is the favored “fuel” for your heart. That indicates that cholesterol levels that happen to be below 160 are absolutely NOT desired at all. Cholesterol is the raw materials from which stress hormones are derived and it now seems to cleanse and chelate a complete selection of endotoxins through the GI tract. So…less (when it comes to cholesterol) doesn’t imply “better” health. Without a healthy cholesterol level (200-220 in my experience), your immune system merely endures…and therefore so will your heart.

Nourish your heart emotionally and physically.

Nourish Your Heart

I’ve discovered that the heart may consider a beating (no pun intended) in several ways. For the women who are reading this, please don’t measure yourself against another of those photo-shopped magazine girls. Every magazine cover is graced by skinny models in some kind of skimpy outfit that have been air-brushed to high heaven.

Compare yourself against your own anticipations and core values. Establish your goals as largely as you can, rely on yourself and your personal self-worth, and follow a course that is practical and permits time for the things you love. Many cherished experiences should be lived by us within that one life. Remember to breathe and bless your hearts.