Lavender Oil for Hair Health

Lavender Oil for Hair

Lavender oil is generally considered one of the very best essential oils when it comes to aromatherapy. It helps to assist with pressure, anxiety, wound healing, acne, and respiratory difficulties that come as a result of a cold, cough, or influenza. Additionally, many people use lavender oil for hair health with great results. For hundreds of years, lavender has been utilized by natural practitioners to support the growth of new hair, to fight against baldness, and the health of one’s hair in general. Lavender contains powerful antibacterial agents that help to remedy and soothe scalp infections. It adds volume to the hair shaft and is helpful in treating dandruff.

More on the Benefits of Lavender for Your Hair

Healthy, Fuller Hair
It both nourishes hair in every way possible while stopping the shedding of hair so that your hair remains fuller and thicker.

It Helps With Dry Scalp
It helps with dry scalp by adding moisture to the hair strands and the scalp.
Try soaking 1/4th cup of oatmeal in water for roughly twenty minutes. Blend five drops of rosemary oil with seven drops of lavender oil, add it to the soaked oatmeal, then place the paste onto your scalp. This can be washed off after one hour with hot water. This mixture is a great option for eliminating dryness and itching.

Improves Blood Flow to the Scalp
Lavender may be utilized to prevent hair thinning, and it has even been proven to raise hair growth in certain clinical trials. Basically, you just massage your scalp with the essential oil mixed with something like the rosemary oil above at least 5 times weekly.

It’s a Refreshing Cleanse for the Scalp
Lavender has strong antiseptic qualities which are useful for treating dry scalp, bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that some people find on their scalps. Massaging it onto the scalp and hair can leave it feeling clean and refreshed.

Smells Great and Adds a Nice Shine
A daily rinse of lavender water will impart a delightful aroma and glow to hair. Utilize lavender for a regular rinse after shampooing. To prepare some lavender water simply boil several sprigs of lavender, reduce it to a simmer for about twenty minutes, then let it cool before rinsing with it (yes you can prepare it in batches).

You may add several drops of lavender oil to any carrier oils like jojoba oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, extra-virgin olive oil, etc to experience the benefits of lavender. Many people like to switch back and forth between adding rosemary oil and lavender oil to their carrier oils and using it for their hair.

While using the lavender oil for your hair health, you should begin seeing its benefits inside 2-3 weeks or months (for people with stubborn hair). You should continue making use of it consistently because the results aren’t something that typically show up right away. So give this essential oil a shot and start taking care of your hair today.