Oil of Oregano for Acne

Oil of OreganoOregano oil (also known as oreganol) is often touted as an all-natural treatment for acne because of its anti-bacterial properties. Oregano oil may not be successful for each and every individual out there, though, and this is due to the fact that just reducing bacteria (what oil of oregano does) isn’t always enough to decrease the intensity of acne outbreaks.

The goal of utilizing oregano oil for acne is really to decrease the existence of bacteria that is living on your skin. The oil is typically used topically twice per day. It’s commonly diluted in water then dabbed onto one’s skin using a cotton ball.

Why it Works

Oil of oregano comes from wild oregano, which makes the oil more powerful than what you’ll find in someone’s home herb garden. Part of what makes it such a powerful antiseptic is the fact that it has the volatile antimicrobials carvacrol and thymol. Oil of oregano also contains vitamins, flavonoids, and phytonutrients. Flavonoids are antioxidants which help your skin to combat cellular degeneration, vitamins are nutrients that nourish your body, and phytonutrients are plant derivatives which may be advantageous to one’s health.

How it Works

Some kinds of acne do not include any bacteria whatsoever, so oregano oil won’t assist all acne victims. In addition, there isn’t any conclusive evidence that just reducing bacteria to the skin is sufficient to decrease outbreaks. This is because bacteria are just one of several variables which cause acne. Using oregano oil for acne might irritate the skin or decrease the existence of bacteria to the point where it leaves the skin more susceptible to other kinds of disease.

Additional Information

The FDA has accepted oregano as safe for human consumption when it comes to a seasoning but has not assessed its security or effectiveness when it comes to using it for health purposes. The oregano oil that is promoted as an acne medication originates from wild oregano plants, rather than from the kind developed for food. Individuals must be careful when making use of oregano oil and should ensure that when going so that it is under the supervision and guidance of a qualified health care professional.

There are several other oregano oil health benefits and uses which render this oil an important natural healer. The listing of oregano oil gains is actually fairly long and a popular choice of natural health care providers. Therefore, give oregano oil a shot when it comes to your acne and see how it can improve your complexion. Seek assistance from a qualified health care provider and talk to them about how you can make use of oil of oregano for your health. You’ll be glad you did.